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How to Classify Employees and Independent Contactors Right Every Time

How to Classify Employees and Independent Contactors Right Every Time

If there is one thing that consistently gets small business owners in trouble with state authorities it’s their classification of whether an individual is an employee or independent contractor. They reason that someone who works with them part time or not at their location can be classified as an independent contractor.

Jamie Lizotte on Classifying Employees and Contractors

On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Jaime Lizotte, Brand Manager at efile4Biz discusses how this analysis is inaccurate and if they are wrong, it can end up costing the small business owner a lot of money. When violations are reported by independent contractors, businesses could be required to pay back wages, taxes and insurance premiums retroactively for years.

According to Jamie, this is such a big issue for small business owners because there is a long list of government agencies at state and federal agencies that are interested in getting the classification right. The IRS and each state’s Department of Revenue want to maximize their tax revenues on employee withholdings. Other federal and state agencies also monitor this to protect employee’s rights and safety. What makes it more difficult, Jamie says is that each state has its own rules.

Small businesses increasingly want to classify people as independent contractors to save money, but they need to pass classification test. According to Jamie, the rules can be can be complex and often contradicting. If you hire an independent contractor, the process should include:

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  • A contract for the work
  • A bill paid through accounts payable
  • Collecting W-9 for an EIN number of their company
  • They should have other clients
  • Sending a 1099-NEC at the end of the year from what was paid
  • Not training them or monitoring their performance daily
  • There work is not core to the business

Jamie reminds small business owners that people now working from home does not affect their employment status.

Listen to everything you need to know on the Small Business Radio Show.


Image: jaime lizotte

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Free Online Business Management Course | King's London College | Get Free Certificate

Free Online Business Management Course | King's London College | Get Free Certificate

In this video, I am sharing information about Business Management Free Online Course with free certificate. After enrolling in the course you will get lifetime access to the course.

Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/free-online-business-management-course/

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More Informative Videos:

Free Online Courses: https://bit.ly/2ZmcDtM

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Ooma Meetings Adds to Choices for a Collaboration and Conferencing Platform

Ooma Meetings Adds to Choices for a Collaboration and Conferencing Platform

As more people work remotely, the addition of video meetings to Ooma Office Pro is a natural step. Even though the pandemic is a big driver, the trend was going this way long before. Add the pandemic and 57% of small business owners believe remote work will continue long after stay-at-home orders are lifted.

Ooma Meetings is now available as part of the Ooma Office Pro business phone service. With the existing Ooma Office desktop app, users can manage and join video meetings. The app turns any computer into a softphone, which makes it a full-featured desk phone. Additionally, Ooma Meetings will be available through a mobile client for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets soon.

The availability of collaborative tools is essential in moving forward. This is because businesses are using talent from around the world. And this is what Dennis Peng, vice president of product management at Ooma, said in the press release. “Ooma Meetings is intended to empower businesses with the collaboration tools they need to thrive in this new ‘work from anywhere’ era.”

Adding, “More than ever, businesses need access to powerful communications tools such as video conferencing and screen sharing, both to support workers who work remotely as well to maintain a real sense of connection with colleagues, customers and partners.”

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Ooma Meetings

Ooma has made Meetings easy to deploy and use. To start with, you don’t need to install any additional software, video meetings can run directly inside Chrome, Safari or Edge browsers. All it takes is for users to click a web link and join a meeting. While this is very convenient, what it does is remove compatibility barriers. Equally important, the interface for Ooma Meetings has an easy to use interface with tools designed for intuitive collaboration.

This includes:

  • Multiple user video sharing capability
  • Share a single application, web tab, or your whole screen
  • Personal, scheduled, recurring, and ad-hoc meetings
  • Host options, like muting all users
  • Connect via a variety of methods, including the Ooma Office desktop app, web browser, or dial in by phone
  • Option to require a password to join a meeting

If you are an Ooma Office Pro user, you can activate Ooma Meeting with the help of your account administrator.

Image: Ooma Meetings

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Demandforce Online Booking Allows for 24-7 Appointment Scheduling

Demandforce Online Booking Allows for 24-7 Appointment Scheduling

Service-based businesses rely greatly on managing their appointments effectively. Demandforce Online Booking looks to make the process more efficient and less labor-intensive.

The new functionalities will make it easier for clients to schedule an appointment online. This is especially important because 36% of clients avoid businesses with complex appointment scheduling systems. At the same time, businesses will be able to manage their appointment schedules with greater ease.

Demandforce Online Booking

As businesses reduce staff because of the pandemic, it is taking more effort to manage appointment scheduling. This is what Hugh Mahoney, Senior Director of Product Management at Demandforce, addressed in the press release.

Mahoney goes on to say, “Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been forced to reduce staffing while facing increased client demand to be able to quickly schedule appointments online without hassles.”

Mahoney adds, businesses will be free to re-route valuable resources, while clients get an easy to use instant appointment-booking experience.

The Process

Using an intuitive, simple-to-use Demandforce calendar widget, Demandforce Online Booking allows businesses to show their real-time availability. At the same time, customers can self-schedule appointments. And when the business receives and confirms the appointment, the customer will instantly get a notification.

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Other features include:

  • Real-time availability: Display real-time business availability on an intuitive calendar widget that’s fully synced with businesses’ management system.
  • Fully-customizable settings: Predetermine which appointment types, procedures, and providers clients can view and schedule.
  • Embed calendar on any site: Place the Demandforce calendar widget on business websites and social media pages to increase appointment bookings.
  • View appointments all in one place: See all appointment requests by web source in one view, and instantly accept, flag, or reschedule them all from one dashboard.

With a system that works 24/7, business owners do not have to devote valuable time to finalizing and confirming online appointment requests.

Availability During a Pandemic

The difficulties brought on by COVID-19 are uniquely challenging. And for many service-based businesses, the issue of availability is even more daunting. Cities across the country have different regulations, which makes being available even more difficult.

The tools Demandforce provides are especially effective for these scenarios. The launch of Demandforce Live and Demandforce Mobile App earlier this year allows owners to get instant notifications and streamline communications with clients. This makes businesses available 24/7 if they choose to do so.

Image: Demandforce

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✅  Success In Online Business – How To Get Success In Online Business

✅ Success In Online Business – How To Get Success In Online Business

How to find success in online business?
Free Course- https://weblinkmap.com/affiliate-theSecret

For may online entrepreneurs it is difficult to start and maintain a long term business online. success in online business. This video will show you the step by step on how to find success in online business.

How to get success in online business can be achieved by following the same process as the top online marketers in the world. Mark Daniells, will show what to become successful in starting your business online.

Are you wondering how to start a business? This video ‘success in online business’ explains the tips and the fundamentals of how to success in online selling. How to build an online business is achievable by following the guide provided in this digital marketing video.

Learn success in online business – online marketing tips by following the tutorial even for beginners of how to create an online business or internet marketing.

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4) #1 Hosting 1 Month FREE- https://weblinkmap.com/success
5) Udimi – Coupon – https://weblinkmap.com/Traffic


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1- Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money on Clickbank For Free [NEW Tutorial] https://youtu.be/ZnZ2y7IOYXk
2- Affiliate Marketing Tools – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners https://youtu.be/PCGqfxo2e9o
3- How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing [Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Complete Tutorial] https://youtu.be/ltRoeepHBAo
4- Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners https://youtu.be/s1z7_1Drc2g
5- How Does Clickbank Work [Clickbank for Beginners] https://youtu.be/TvRGFkxEgLs

YouTube – https://weblinkmap.com/YouTube
Facebook – https://weblinkmap.com/facebook
Instagram – https://weblinkmap.com/Instagram

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Best Smart Boards for Collaboration

Best Smart Boards for Collaboration

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

Visual communication has been improving with each new development in digital technology. From personal computers to tablets and smartphones, you can now get your ideas across quickly and efficiently. Smart boards look to do the same by integrating some of the features of these devices to ideate, communicate and collaborate.

You can now bring your team into a room and collaborate on a smart board together on the spot. And if you want to bring in other people from a remote location, you can do it right away. Together you can take notes, scratch bad ideas, watch videos, and get online while sharing and saving it all.

If you are in the market for a smart board, this list will show you the best devices you can get right now.

Best Smart Boards for Collaboration


Samsung Flip 2

Samsung Flip 2 LH65WMRWBGCXZA 65Inch WM65R Digital Flipchart for Business with Connectivity Tray for The Samsung Flip 2

Top Pick: The Samsung Flip 2 comes from a global brand and leader in display and communication technology. This 65” 4K UHD digital flipchart has a pen-to-paper-like writing experience to make meetings and brainstorming more efficient and productive.

Touch out functionality lets you sync personal devices with the Samsung Flip for real-time content sharing and control. And you can store your meetings securely and share notes via email, network, thumb drive or printouts.

Samsung Flip 2 – 65″ WM65R Digital Flipchart for Business with Connectivity Tray for The Samsung Flip 2

Buy on Amazon

Vibe All-in-one Interactive Whiteboard

Vibe All-in-one Computer Real-time Smart Interactive Whiteboard

Runner Up: Vibe is a leading brand in this segment. Moreover, the feature-packed displays it offers are affordable. The company offers a robust app ecosystem for this 55″ 4K UHD touch screen. The Vibe OS supports multi-person and multi-device edit and sharing capability.

The screen has a 5ms response time, so your touch and pen respond like a traditional whiteboard and a marker. And when you make changes, you can use Vibe Cloud to save your content in real-time and make it available on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box. This includes editing in real-time on your device of choice with a wireless screencast.

Vibe All-in-one Computer Real-time Smart Interactive Whiteboard, W/ 55″ 4K UHD Touch ScreenSign

Buy on Amazon

Sharp 70″ Class Interactive Display System

Sharp PN-C705B 70Inch Class Interactive Display System

Best Value: Sharp is known for its quality displays and this 70” ten-point multi-touch screen smart board doesn’t disappoint. It is a high definition Edge Lit LED display.

This board can support up to four simultaneous users with the Sharp Display Connect Software. The software simplifies connectivity with mobile devices and manipulation of multiple file types.

Sharp PN-C705B 70″ Class Interactive Display System” 4K UHD Touch ScreenSign

Buy on Amazon

ViewSonic 98” ViewBoard

ViewSonic IFP9850 98Inch ViewBoard 4K Ultra HD Interactive Flat Panel

ViewSonic is another manufacturer known for its high-quality computer displays. This 98” board is big, without losing quality. The ViewBoard is a 4K Ultra HD interactive flat panel board with next-generation IR touch technology. The result is a 50% latency reduction with the 20-point touch capability for multiple simultaneous users.

Additional features include myViewBoard annotation software with enterprise-grade security, SmartPort USB function, and a sound system with 10W stereo speakers and a 15W subwoofer.

ViewSonic IFP9850 98” ViewBoard 4K Ultra HD Interactive Flat Panel

Buy on Amazon

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Microsoft Surface Hub 2 50″ PixelSense Display

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 50Inch PixelSense Display + Mobile Stand

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is a 50” device with a 4K PixelSense 120Hz touchscreen display with multi-touch/pen capabilities. The Hub 2 is basically a large computer and it includes Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, and 128 GB SSD along with a modular hub to increase capacity.

Wide-angle cameras on each side produce 1080P video and a four-element microphone array can capture what everyone in the room is saying. You can talk, draw, and share on the Hub using Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 50″ PixelSense Display

Buy on Amazon

LG 75″ Touchscreen LCD Display

LG 75Inch Touchscreen LCD Display

The LG touchscreen display lets you draw, write, and capture notes. You can also connect, display, and control different devices to bring other members of your team in to collaborate.

The UHD display has a capacitive touchscreen functionality with multi-touches of up to 40 points. This allows multiple participants to simultaneously use the touch features without any dead zones. And the LG webOS 3.0+ is powered by high-performance System-on-Chip/SOC. With this performance, you can execute several tasks at the same time without a separate media player or PC.

LG 75″ Touchscreen LCD Display

Buy on Amazon

OneScreen 75″ Canvas Touch Screen

OneScreen is known for all the features it packs in its display. This includes a powerful built-in PC module with Intel i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SDD, and Windows 10 Pro OS. With this capability, the processing speed renders collaborative communication faster.

The computing power also makes the 20-point multi-touching technology seamless with a pen or your fingers. And according to the company, you can connect up to 40 different kinds of devices to create a connected environment.

OneScreen 75″ Canvas Touch Screen

Buy on Amazon

What is a Smart Board?

Also know as an interactive whiteboard, a smart board is in most cases a large display resembling the traditional whiteboard. And as such, it can be used where the analog versions were used. This includes offices, boardrooms, classrooms, coaching, and planning projects.

Generally fixed to a wall, a smart board has a touch screen that allows you to use a smartpen or your fingers to interact with it. You can write on the board or integrate your computing device to show presentation, media, and other content. Additional features allow the smart board to connect with projectors, the internet, and other applications.

As part of the global interactive display market, this segment was valued at $14.63 billion in 2018. And according to Allied Market Research, it is projected to reach $29.19 billion by 2026. This is a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.80% from 2019 to 2026.

Features to Look for In a Smart Board

  • Size: Smart boards come in many different sizes. And how you use it is going to dictate the size you purchase. If it is purely remote, you can get away with a smaller screen size. If, however, you are going to be using it in your office, it needs to be bigger.
  • Connectivity: The ability to connect with all the participants without any compatibility issues is extremely important. You want everyone to log on and participate whether they are on a PC, tablet, smartphone or even another smartboard.
  • Compatibility: Once you are connected with the different devices, you need seamless compatibility on Windows, Android, iOS, and other platforms. With full compatibility, you can easily share the content on your screen and use native casting to stream any media you might have.
  • OS: Make sure the operating system on the device is what you need.
  • Cameras and other accessories: Not all smartboards have the accessories you might need to make collaborations possible. And if you have to buy the accessories, make sure you have enough ports to plug them all in.
  • Multi-user Collaboration: You want your board to be able to bring multiple users and collaborate. This means they can write, erase, and move notes simultaneously. And it must do this with object awareness detection. This makes it possible to automatically allow pens to write, fingers to move, and palms to erase on the board.
  • Write into files: Writing is one of the key features of smart boards. However, it must allow you to annotate into PDFs, Microsoft Office files, websites, and other programs. Not only that, but it should also save the notes in the most popular file types. The ability to convert notes to text is also a must.

Benefits of an Interactive Whiteboard

Efficiency is the name of the game when you adopt new technology. If it makes your workflow more efficient and your team more productive, then it is worth looking at.

The ability to quickly get on an interactive whiteboard and bring your team together is a huge benefit. This can take place in your office or with your remote team, wherever they happen to be.

The technology of this board allows you to save all your notes, discussions, and content automatically. And you can share, access, edit, and save all the material in a collaborative production while making changes in real-time. This means you can communicate your ideas quickly while you are in the meeting and email, print, and share your discussions when you are done.

When it comes to connectivity, you can connect the board with PCs as well as Android and iOS smart devices. This gives you more interconnectivity and data sharing with team members without having to worry about compatibility issues.

And on a lighter note, you will not have to get messy with the erasers and markers of traditional whiteboards.


Images: Amazon

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10 Free Online Courses for Entrepreneurs

10 Free Online Courses for Entrepreneurs

👩🏼‍🏫 Learn how to start your online business step-by-step: https://bit.ly/3lsBtlQ

Online learning is one of the fastest ways to ramp-up the skills you need to start a business. Instead of spending thousands for courses online, sign up for one of these free online courses. Enroll through these free online course websites to learn more about marketing, entrepreneurship, design, and productivity. Some courses even include a certificate.

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Courses in this list:
Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage/course/digital-marketing
Facebook Blueprint – https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/categories/introduction
Buffer’s Social Media Strategy Course – https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Introduction-to-Social-Media-Strategy-Learn-with-Buffer/1934895986?via=search-layout-grid
Wishpond’s Email Marketing Masterclass – https://learn.wishpond.com/courses/wishpond-email-marketing-masterclass-for-beginners
Shopify Compass – https://www.shopifycompass.com/
PhotographyCourse – https://photographycourse.net/
Canva’s Design School – https://designschool.canva.com/courses/
Highbrow’s Productivity Course – https://gohighbrow.com/portfolio/productivity-hacks-lessons-from-top-leaders-and-billionaires/
Asana Academy – https://academy.asana.com/

Looking for daily value bombs? Join the Oberlo community on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/oberloapp


10 Tips to Improve Your Site for the Holidays

10 Tips to Improve Your Site for the Holidays

Your website is your business’s online home. During the holidays, your traffic is likely to go up as consumers complete their shopping and other end-of-year business. Unfortunately, errors in your site can make a negative impression on visitors. And many will simply leave and go to your competitors’ sites instead.

So fixing these issues should be your top priority this season. Here are some tips to optimize your site for all that holiday business.

Test Your Site

The first step in improving your site is figuring out what is needed. This starts out pretty simply… just visit your site and make sure everything works. Click various links, look at the photos, and try out various features.

SEO consultant Bill Hartzer said in an email interview with Small Business Trends, “You can view the pages on your site, make sure that all of the images load, there aren’t any errors like (404 not found errors), and that your contact form works.”

Make Sure It Loads Quickly

Even if everything on your site technically works, if it takes forever to load, people will leave. When you visit each page, make sure everything pulls up within a few seconds. If it doesn’t, changes may be necessary.

Test the Contact Form

Another important element to focus on is the contact area. Hartzer says that sometimes updates or plugin changes can lead to errors. This means you may have people trying to contact you without success. Try to send messages regularly to make sure they go through.

Look for Technical Errors

In some cases, you may not notice every error just by visiting. But there are tools to help you weed out these technical issues.

Hartzer says, “You can use a web crawler such as the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Siteliner, Sitebulb, or OnCrawl to crawl your website. Each of them will report technical errors, 404 not found pages, redirects, and other technical issues that should be fixed. You an even verify your website in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools for free and they’ll tell you about any technical issues on your website.”

Optimize Images

If your site loads slowly, the culprit may be your photos. There’s a good chance you uploaded large files to the site, which take a long time to pull up. Resize or compress the photos to the actual size you need so they don’t take up unnecessary time.

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Add Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you learn more about how people use your site. You can identify popular pages and search terms. And it may even call your attention to ongoing issues like a high bounce rate on certain pages. Installing it is easy. You simply sign up for free and upload a code to your site.

Back It Up

Hackers tend to be especially active during the holidays. They know that both businesses and consumers are really active online. So they may try to steal your data or take control of your site. Just in case you experience issues, making a backup of your site can help you get it back up and running quickly.

Update the Plugins

Updating your website software and plugins can also make your site more secure. These updates often include security patches to address areas where hackers might take advantage. It’s good practice to update these items whenever they’re available. But it’s especially important during vulnerable times like the holidays.

Check Your Domain

Some small businesses focus so much on the content of their website, but forget about the domain. Luckily, there are ways to ensure that your domain is set up to work on all browsers and even control emails.

Hartzer says, “I recommend running a free DNP Score on your domain name, which will alert you to any issues with how you have your domain name set up. For example, do you have DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records set up? Those will help you send/receive email and help make sure that your emails actually go to the recipients’ inboxes. That’s especially important if you have an email newsletter that you send out. And DNSSEC should be enabled on your domain name, as well. The busy season isn’t the time to lose your domain name (well, anytime isn’t a good time!). But if you lose your domain name, your website goes down.”

Don’t Make Dramatic Changes

If you’re eager to make big changes to your site, the holiday season is actually not the time for that. Big changes often come with complications. So it’s best to save these for a less busy time and instead focus on fixing small problems.

Hartzer explains, “Any major changes to the design or functionality could have more negative effects than positive ones. I recommend waiting until the holiday season is over to start thinking about any major changes.”

Image: Depositphotos.com

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Webinar to Show Real Uses of Zoho One Software for Small Business

Webinar to Show Real Uses of Zoho One Software for Small Business


zoho one webinar

Zoho has been holding a series of webinars to give small business owners a primer on how to establish a digital presence. These webinars cover Setting Up Your Website, Establishing Your Brand Story and Elements of Website Design, and Converting Visitors to Leads: Web Forms, CTAs (Call to Actions).

This particular webinar, titled Zoho One for Every Business Need will provide an overview using real case studies from Zoho customers. The goal is to demonstrate different ways Zoho One can support your business. With more than 40 applications, the suite of tools it has covers everything from growing sales to accounting, communication, collaboration, productivity, finance, operations, business process, and more.

Together with the other webinars, Zoho is providing a free course to give you a basic understanding of digital presence. It is important to understand these are not webinars to mastering these subjects. But the knowledge you gain here should be enough to encourage you to further your education. And luckily the web is full of resources to make this happen, whether you want free or paid tutelage.

The webinar is going to take place on November 24, 2020, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

Click the red button and register now. And if you happen to miss the webinar or you can’t make it, Zoho will send you the recorded session after the session finishes.


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Register Now

Featured Events, Contests and Awards

Getting Started with Zoho OneGetting Started with Zoho One
November 24, 2020, Online

A walk through overview of Zoho One using real case studies from Zoho customers to demonstrate different ways Zoho One can support your business. Join us!

Small Business Saturday: #ShopSmallSmall Business Saturday: #ShopSmall
November 28, 2020

Small businesses are counting on all of us – let’s show them how much they mean to our communities. From getting takeout to shopping online, every time you
#shopsmall, you’re supporting small businesses at the heart of your community.

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