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Apakah anda adalah salah satu dari yang saya sebutkan di bawah ini?

*) Orang yang mau jualan onlin​e dengan membuat Online Shop milik sendiri
*) Orang yang mau memasarkan produk online baik fisik ataupun digital
*) Orang yang mau membuat Landing Page/ Sales Page
*) Orang yang mau membuat berbagai macam bentuk website dengan mudah walaupun tidak mengerti coding
*) Orang yang membuka jasa pembuatan website, toko online atau landing page
*) Orang yang belum tahu apa itu LandingPress

Jika iya, LandingPress ini memang untuk anda.

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Karena dengan LandingPress, kita bisa membuat:

1. Toko Online
2. Landing Page, Sales Page, Opt-In Page
3. Blog Personal
4. Website perusahaan

LandingPress adalah sebuah Theme WordPress Premium yang dibundling dengan Plugin Elementor sebagai mesin page buildernya. Faktanya, sampai saat ini sudah +3000 pebisnis online di Indonesia bahkan yang terkenal sekalipun menggunakan LandingPress.

Dan di review kali ini, saya akan menunjukkan kepada anda apa saja yang bisa dilakukan LandingPress untuk kebutuhan Bisnis Anda.


Tutorial Fiverr Indonesia : Cara Membuat Gigs yang Mudah Dikerjakan Background Removal

Tutorial Fiverr Indonesia : Cara Membuat Gigs yang Mudah Dikerjakan Background Removal

Link nya nih :

Hai semua, video ini saya menampilkan tutorial membuat sebuah gigs/jasa yang sangat mudah dilakukan dan hampir semua orang bisa melakukannya.

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jasa apa itu? Yaitu Menghapus Background. Skill yang dibutuhkan ya bisa photoshop itu pun tingkat basic ya. Tinggal hapus background lalu save as image nya dengan format PNG. udah itu aja.

Semoga tutorial ini bermanfaat, dan apabila banyak kekurangan saya mohon maaf sebesar-besarnya. Terimakasih.


7 Ways to Humanize Your Brand and Win Big

7 Ways to Humanize Your Brand and Win Big

Humans are social beings by nature. We long for connection and interaction – especially with other people. Ten out of ten cases, a customer chooses to interact with a person through a cold business unit. This clearly disadvantages brands, but does not necessarily put you out of the game. <! – ->

The most successful brands – the Coca Colas, Apples and Nikes in the world – do not allow this inhibitory factor to prevent them from contacting consumers. Instead of fighting hard to reset the way people think and interact, they work with the natural tendencies of the human brain. They humanize their brands in a way that makes their marketing more understandable and magnetic – and you can too.

7 tips for humanizing your brand

To humanize your brand, feel like a friend your customers have known for years. It's not about predictability, it's about familiarity. Your goal is to be reliable and magnetic, consistent and honest, reliable and warm.

<! – -> Here are some ways you can humanize your brand online and win big:

1. Be true to yourself

“For many brands, being human is more a projection than a practice. However, sounding human is different from being human, ”emphasizes GetCraft . “The humanization of brands is not an easy task that can only be carried out by social media managers. It should naturally spread from your own corporate culture. "

The idea that you should stay true to yourself sounds clichéd and cheesy, but is absolutely necessary. We are not talking about being true to yourself in the sense that you are "chasing your dreams". We speak of authenticity and consistency.

Your branding should match who your company really is. If your company is full of quirky people who like to have a good time, your branding should be creative and spontaneous. If your company is very professional and thoughtful, your branding should reflect these behaviors.

If you stay true to your brand, your marketing will be much more natural. You don't have to worry about how to say, filter, censor, or optimize something. It naturally flows out of what you are already doing. (And people notice that!) <! – ->

2. Clarify, do not sell

Think about the last time a friend recommended a product to you – a product that you finally bought. Whether it was a book, a car, or a new restaurant, it is highly unlikely that your friend would come in and deliver a buttoned sales pitch. Instead, he made you aware of why he liked the product so much and why you needed it.

Think of your online audience as a group of your friends. Do not deliver advertising. Instead, focus on educating them. Highlight their problems, acknowledge the friction they are dealing with, and carefully mention how your products solve these problems.

<! – -> When discussing your products, focus on solutions, not functions. In other words, don't sell your audience with the fact that your flashlight has twice as many lumens as its closest competitor. Instead, help them understand why a brighter flashlight is better and what solution your model offers (in this case, increased visibility and safety).

3. Go behind the scenes

People love to see what's going on behind the scenes. This is why film outtakes, documentaries, backstage tours and biographies are so popular. Any opportunity to take your audience behind the scenes will do wonders for your brand.

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Facebook Live is one of the best options. Something as simple as pictures of a company picnic or a blog post about how the idea for the latest product came about can also work.

4. Use visual content

Nothing against written copies, but it does not come close to the value of visual content. Seeing is one of the strongest human senses. To really connect with people, your brand needs to use as much visual content as possible. This includes:

  • Professional Quality Producing video content can help you build your audience and convey meaningful ideas in a way that a traditional blog post simply cannot. Consider using videos to showcase your employees and tell the story of your business.
  • Humor is important ; You just need to know when and where to use it. Memes can be very effective. (Make sure they are relevant and appropriate for your brand, otherwise they will confuse your audience.)
  • original photos. Your customers want to see the people behind the logo. Make sure your Instagram feed contains more than just product images and graphics. Throw in the occasional picture of team members for humanization.

5. Stay consistent

People occasionally act based on their character, but for the most part people tend to behave in a way that matches their personality. The same should apply to your brand.

The best way to keep your brand voice consistent is to create and maintain a brand style guide . Every time a new employee is hired, they should have to read this style guide from front to back (regardless of whether they are producing content or working in a customer-facing position).

6. Get involved back and forth

A human-to-human relationship is a one-way street. When a person suddenly stops interacting, the relationship ceases to exist. The same applies to a brand.

It is important to get involved back and forth. Make sure you ask questions, answer questions, share ideas, and listen. Social media is the perfect environment for that, but you can also get involved through blog comment areas, forums and message boards, emails, and even podcasts.

7. Working with influencers

It is difficult to be everywhere at the same time, even if you have a large marketing team at your disposal. One way to reduce this pressure and still maximize engagement is to work with social media influencers.

Influencers should be selected very carefully (and continuously monitored). You want people who reflect your brand values ​​and understand your goals. You can be yourself, but you need to make sure that your true self is essentially the same as your brand identity. Too much inconsistency leads to problems for your brand.

Give your brand a decisive advantage

There are many good brands, but very few take the time to humanize their approach to maximize engagement and build healthy, long-term relationships with customers. However, you can be the exception.

As you can see, humanizing your brand only means breaking the cold, business jargon and showing the market who you really are, what you believe in, where your passion is, and how you can get people out of where they are where they want to be. If you do these things well, you will beat the competition with consistency and predictability.


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17 tools untuk mendapatkan uang dari internet

17 tools untuk mendapatkan uang dari internet

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[Studi Kasus] LandingPress – Tutorial Membuat Sticky Header Website

Studi Kasus LandingPress – Tutorial Membuat Sticky Header Pada Website Jualan Anda / Salespage yang digunakan untuk Landingpage yang menggunakan page builder dari elementor.

Download Landingpress di

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$100 Dari Fiverr Bikin Video Mudah

$100 Dari Fiverr Bikin Video Mudah

#fiverr #graphysuite

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Hai temen-temen, kali ini saya bahas tentang cara dapetin uang dari fiverr.

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Fiverr ini salah satu website tempat dimana kita bisa jualan jasa yang kita bisa.

Macam-macam sih jasanya kaya bikin logo, bikin video presentasi, bikin iklan dan lain sebagainya.

Udah banyak loh yang punya penghasilan lebih dari 20juta perbulan dari Fiverr ini.

Nah Untuk temen-temen yang mau memperdalam ilmu fiverr, ada nih ecourse lengkapnya.

Disini ya:

Terus yang mau Template Graphysuite, dapetin disini:

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How to start an Online Business in the Next 13 Minutes

How to start an Online Business in the Next 13 Minutes

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Sometimes last year I visited one of my friends. We grew up together in the same small town, and his dream had always been to become a lawyer. Now he’s a lawyer but the reality, I suspect had set in for him, he doesn’t sound as if he loves his job. More so, money doesn’t come as much as everyone thought lawyers should have, so he was considering doing something else. Since he knows me to be an entrepreneur, he wanted my advice to which I generously gave by showing him how he could start an online business the same day we met.

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Unfortunately, he didn’t follow my advice, and I’m sure 99% of the people who will watch this video will do nothing about it, but 1% is worth working for anyway so let’s continue with the video as I show you how you can start an online business right now.


cara gue bisa laku di Fiverr.

cara gue bisa laku di Fiverr.

please, visit my fiverr!

Enjoy 🙂


Tutorial Mata :

Tutorial Bibir :

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Tutorial Rambut :

Tutorial Hijab :

Music :
Music : ProleteR – April Showers

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