How to Combat Email Phishing and Other COVID 19 Scams

How to Combat Email Phishing and Other COVID 19 Scams

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of cyber scams have alarmingly increased as scammers try to prey on a fearful global community. Over the last few weeks, especially, people around the world have raised concerns about receiving various forms of email phishing, such as false alerts, scam threads, and misleading emails.

COVID-19 Scams

We at Zoho Campaigns are concerned about the privacy and safety of our customers and your personal information, so this is a brief article on how you can avoid falling victim to phishing.

Why would someone send phishing emails now?

Cyber criminals are conveniently using the pandemic as a means to get access to people’s sensitive data through emails delivered to their computer systems and phones. These fraudulent emails capitalize on the fear of the recipients and their concerns about their protection against the virus, both physically and economically.

Additionally, there’s also been a sharp rise in the number of website (domain) registrations and SSL certificates that carry the name “COVID,” “Corona,” or “COVID-19.”

Phishing is primarily done for the hacker to locate and control your details like passwords, credentials, credit card information, and more. It could arrive as a malicious link click, malware download, or information feed of any kind through emails. As recipients are more likely to cede to their fears and perform any action stated in the emails to safeguard their health and safety, these cyber criminals have been thriving steadily for the last few weeks.

What could be treated as a phishing email?

Now that we know the intention behind these hackers, the next focus is to identify what could be potentially classified as phishing emails. At times like this, it’s likely that recipients will receive empathetic emails from brands that show care and support. But it’s also important to avoid certain emails that can unknowingly bring harm to you.

Here are some common email types that have been received by users worldwide and treated as phishing:

Impersonating government or international bodies

These emails mention the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and so on, in the email content, subject line, or the sender address, while including malicious URLs that take you to random websites or attachments that can spoil your system when downloaded.

Eg. WHO does not send email from addresses ending in ‘’ , ‘’ or ‘’.

COVID-19 Scam

[Source: Proofpoint]

Donations, financial or relief aids, and charitable trusts

Most scammers send these emails in order to collect money from you either through bank transactions or bitcoins. Additionally, they can also hack your banking accounts, retrieve personal data, and cause problems with future transactions. Some emails even offer fake tax refund eligibility for the donation that you may provide.

COVID-19 Scams

[Source: Mimecast]

Medicinal cures, face masks, and vaccines

Since many people are captured by the fear of the disease, scammers will prey upon this fear and project false goodwill in the form of health advice or a remedy to the disease through medicines and vaccines. Emails may specify purchasing these vaccines, home remedial cures, or even face masks—a way for the hackers to get your data and cheat you with wrong products or leave you empty-handed.

COVID-19 Scam

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[Source: Forbes – Phishing email promising a vaccine for COVID-19.]

Travel, entertainment, and logistics

With transportation, manufacturing, and many other industries stalled, scammers are sending emails with lucrative offers and coupons to redeem for entertainment or travel facilities—for example, a subscription to movie-hosting services or a false renewal for a travel ticket that was already canceled.

COVID-19 Scams

[Source: Economic Times – A sample WhatsApp message people were asked to send, after filling up a survey in the fake email sent regarding Netflix’s free subscription for the lockdown period.]

Steps to avoid the risk of Covid-19 scams and phishing

While you can’t completely stop cyber attackers from sending phishing emails, there are some precautionary steps you can take before you respond to an email. Here’s a quick five-point checklist:

1. Verify the sender’s email address and name before you open and process the email. Additionally, look out for the brand/company logo to ensure credibility.

2. Don’t download the attachments before you read the email content fully. Also, in any case of suspect or misleading content, avoid any kind of email downloads.

3. Before clicking on the inline URLs or call-to-action buttons, hover your cursor over the link to see where it leads. There are many fake domains that may be interlinked but kept discreet with convincing inline URL text (for example, a link that reads “WHO” taking you to the scam website). So, copy and paste the URL embedded in the text instead of clicking.

4. Ensure the email content doesn’t have many spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, or faulty layouts.

5. Don’t rush to provide your personal information when asked in any manner inside the email—form, survey, or fields. Think twice and validate your call before feeding your details for anything, from submission to transaction.

Legitimate sources of COVID-19 information

Instead of giving in to scam emails, follow some authentic and credible sources of information like the WHO and CDC. You can also keep tabs on your preferred online news platforms, official/government-run news sources (online and offline), social channels, or e-magazines, to stay up to date.

You can also check the live dashboard from Zoho, which reflects COVID-19 statistics from countries across the world.

We hope you and your family stay safe, both from the virus as well as the cyber criminals and their email phishing activities.

Take care, and feel free to get in touch with us at for any assistance.

~ Zoho Campaigns Team

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बिना पैसे लगाए, पैसे कमाये 💸🔥💸| ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS 2020 | How to make money online in India

बिना पैसे लगाए, पैसे कमाये 💸🔥💸| ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS 2020 | How to make money online in India

बिना पैसे लगाए, पैसे कमाये | ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS 2020 | How to make money online in India

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Most Businesses Offering More Payment Options Saw Sales Increase During Pandemic

Most Businesses Offering More Payment Options Saw Sales Increase During Pandemic

The more payment options you provide as a business, the more likely you are to increase sales. This is the conclusion of a new study from Paysafe carried out during the pandemic. Furthermore, the study revealed businesses that increased their online presence also weathered COVID-19 best.

For small business owners who are struggling to keep their enterprise up and running, the data in this study is hopeful. But to make it work, businesses must diversify their operation. The study says 80% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who chose to diversify online or improve their card-present payment options during the pandemic have seen a positive impact.

PaySafe Pandemic Payment Options Survey

Addressing this very issue in the emailed press release, Afshin Yazdian, CEO of U.S. Acquiring at Paysafe, says payment technology is an invaluable resource.

Yazdian goes on to say, “… having an online checkout, as well as diverse payments infrastructure, is crucial to allowing in-store SMBs to thrive amidst the pandemic and actually grow in this unprecedented environment. Using technology to maximize opportunities for revenue has never been more pressing for these businesses as they look to navigate a challenging Q4.”

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Study Takeaways

The study was carried out between September 9 and 18, 2020 with the participation of 350 businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Some of the key takeaways are:

  • 88% made at least one change to their checkouts during the pandemic and 39% reported the volume of business increased
  • 64% of businesses attribute this increase to online sales through either a new or existing offering
  • 23% launched an online card-not-present (CNP) checkout for the first time during the pandemic
  • 17% of businesses without an online presence plan on adding an online checkout soon
  • 44% are adding the acceptance of contactless payment on delivery and 44% adding card payment on delivery
  • 35% of businesses have adopted curbside ordering and pickup

Challenges Moving Forward

Although small businesses are finding ways to keep their business running, it remains a challenge as the pandemic continues to linger.

Owners are refocusing with a larger digital presence or becoming an entirely online-only business.

Image: paysafe

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Best Air Purifiers for the Office

Best Air Purifiers for the Office

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

The air you breath in your office may be affecting you in ways you are not even aware of. Everything from dust and mold to cleaning chemicals, perfumes, paint, and other contributing agents can release harmful particulates. This is especially the case if these particulates trigger allergies or they irritate you in any way.

The best air purifiers for the office in this list will help you breathe easier and get you through the day. The key is identifying what the specific particulates are and ensuring the air purifier you buy can clean it up. And then choosing the right size purifier so it can handle the job of cleaning your office.

Best Air Purifiers for the Office

Top Pick: LEVOIT Air Purifier

Runner Up: Blueair 211+ Air Purifier

Best Value: Medify Air V2.0 Air Purifier


LEVOIT Air Purifier

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Allergies Pets Hair Smokers in Bedroom

Top Pick: As one of the best reviewed air purifies, the LEVOIT use its Vortexair Technology to create a stronger air flow. The H13 Ture HEPA filter works with ultra-fine Pre-filter and activated carbon filter. This allows it to trap 99. 97% of fine particles as well as allergens as small as 0. 3 microns and large pollutants like pollen, mold, dust, pet dander and smoke.

LEVOIT Air Purifier, H13 True HEPA Air Purifiers Filter, 24db Quiet Air Cleaner

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 Blueair 211+ Air Purifier0

Blueair 211+ Air Purifier 3 Stage with Two Washable Pre

Runner Up: Using Swedish filter technology, the Blueair captures airborne pollutants like viruses, pollen, mold, bacteria and more. It can clean spaces up to 540 square feet five times per hour. It has a one button control, washable fabric pre-filter in different colors, and it is AHAM Verified for Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

Blueair 211+ Air Purifier 3 Stage with Two Washable Pre, Particle, Carbon Filter

Buy on Amazon


Medify Air V2.0 Air Purifier

Medify Air MA-40-W2 V2.0 Air Purifier with H13 HEPA filter

Best Value: This purifier comes as a duo capable of cleaning a space up to 1,600 square feet every hour. And it can clean a 420 square feet room in 15 minutes with its higher grade of HEPA – H13 Filters. The CARB, Energy Star and ETL certification comes with a quiet sleep mode and three fan speeds along with a lifetime warranty.

Medify Air MA-40-W2 V2.0 Air Purifier with H13 HEPA filter

Buy on Amazon


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Coway Airmega 400

Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier with 1,560 sq. ft. Coverage

This air purifier can clean a space up to 1,560 square feet at least twice per hour. A combination of activated carbon and True HEPA filter can capture and reduce up to 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles in the air. This includes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and fumes such as ammonia and Acetaldehyde. A permanent pre-filter can catch larger dust particles.

Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier with 1,560 sq. ft. Coverage

Buy on Amazon


RabbitAir MinusA2 Air Purifier

RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

The RAbbitAir purifier has a unique design that allows you to mount it on a wall. An advanced HEPA filtration system includes six stages of purification and deodorization for a space up to 815 square feet. The CADR settings for pollen, dust and smoke are high and the noise level has a low of 20.8 decibels and a high of 45.6 decibels.

RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

Buy on Amazon


HOKEKI Air Purifier

HOKEKI Air Purifier for Large Room with Air Quality Auto Sensor

Using its built-in air quality sensor this purifier detects the air quality at work. It then diagnoses the air and displays the air quality level (blue-green-orange-red) so you can adjust the cleaning level. There is a 5-in-1 odor eliminator while cleaning pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and mold. The HOKEKI purifier cleans an area of up to 333 square feet.

HOKEKI Air Purifier for Large Room with Air Quality Auto Sensor, True HEPA Air Cleaner Filter

Buy on Amazon


Dyson Pure Cool

Dyson Pure Cool, TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan

Besides the unique design, the Dyson Pure Cool will remove 99.7% of allergens, pollutants, dust, mold, and VOCs. And once it cleans the air, its Air Multiplier technology and oscillating fan delivers over 77 gallons per second of airflow. The tower fan and HEPA filter also include 10 air speed settings and automatic shut-off if it gets tipped over.

Dyson Pure Cool, TP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan, For Large Rooms

Buy on Amazon


What You Should Look for in an Air Purifier

  • CADR rating: The CADR (clean-air delivery rate) rating indicates the rate in which it can clean smoke, pollen, and dust. And there is a number for each particulate. You want higher numbers because it means it filters more air in cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • AHAM Verified mark: The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers tests and verifies products to ensure safety and efficacy. It does this for the EPA and its Energy Star program. The testing also includes the CADR rating.
  • True HEPA filter: With a True HEPA filter a purifier will remove 99.97% of particulates measuring .3-micron in diameter. When you change the filter make sure to get one with the right minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating. The MERV value refers to the filter’s capability of capturing pollutant particles.
  • Size: Measure the size of the room you want to clean before you buy an air purifier. Once you know it can address the size, look for other features.
  • Noise level: An air purifier runs almost all the time. If you have a loud unit in your office, it is a deal-breaker.
  • Filters, maintenance, and long-term costs: Air purifiers require filters and maintenance, which add to the long-term cost of the unit. Take all these factors into consideration.

A quality air purifier will clean many particulates from your office environment, however, do not fall for outlandish claims. If there is a specific particulate you want to get rid of, ask the manufacturer to make sure the unit you are buying can do the job.



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Essential Tools for Your Business | How to Start an Online Business

Essential Tools for Your Business | How to Start an Online Business

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Typeform –
GoogleForms –
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FreshBooks –
Wave –
Clickup – **
Trello –
Asana –
Grammarly –
Docusign –
Adobesign –

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The information provided in this video should not be construed or relied on as legal advice for any specific fact or circumstance. Its content was prepared by 180 Law Co. LLC, with its principal office located at 1624 Market St., Ste. 226, PMB 92925, Denver, CO 80202. This video is designed for entertainment and information purposes only. Viewing this video does not create an attorney-client relationship with 180 Law Co. LLC or any of its lawyers. You should not act or rely on any of the information contained herein without seeking professional legal advice.

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Zoho Projects: Comprehensive Project Management Tool Focused on User Security, Privacy and Affordability

Zoho Projects: Comprehensive Project Management Tool Focused on User Security, Privacy and Affordability

Zoho Projects is an online task and project management tool designed for small businesses scalable enough for enterprise use.

Projects enables users to organize project activities, assign tasks, and manage resources to reach goals on-time and under budget. It also allows collaboration among team members, clients, and outsourced providers, granting access to information on an as-needed basis. The platform can be simple to use or as comprehensive as business needs require.

“Our company’s aim is to minimize the amount of work needed to use Projects and increase collaboration among businesspeople by making an accessible and affordable productivity solution,” said Aravind Rajkumar, Product Marketing Manager for Zoho Projects, in an interview. “We think a project management tool shouldn’t be too complicated for people to use or too expensive. You have to strike a balance. That’s what we’re trying to do with Projects.”

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is replete with features that make it one of the most all-inclusive project management tools on the market.

The product is:

Comprehensive – Projects has nearly everything needed for effective project management and collaboration, including task management, in-depth reporting, chat, and a social media style feed.

Highly Customizable – Users can customize nearly every aspect of the platform, from user interface (UI) colors to views to reports and more.

Scalable – Zoho Projects can grow with the customer’s business operations. “They can use it as a simple task management application or choose to use it as a full-blown project management application to manage their entire portfolio,” Rajkumar said.

(It’s worth noting that Zoho tracks all of its operations in Projects, including product development of the company’s vast ecosystem — more than 50 applications.)

Task Management

Projects started its life in 2006 as a stand-alone task management tool used internally by Zoho employees. (Self-reliance is a core part of Zoho’s ethos, so it develops the tools it needs in-house rather than using third-party applications.)

Since then, Projects has gone through six different UI revamps and is on the verge of going public with the seventh iteration, set for release in January 2021.

“Projects was first called Challenger, and then Tasks,” Rajkumar said. “We then brought in advanced features and rebranded it to be much bigger than just a task management tool.”


Because Zoho provides software to millions of users worldwide — 50 million at last count — it places special emphasis on securing user data and privacy. That includes locking down everything from the organization (e.g., conducting employee background checks) to the physical plant, from its network and data to operations, and each of its more than 50 applications.

All of Zoho’s products, including Projects, is GDPR and CCPA compliant. HIPAA compliance is currently in the works to enable use by healthcare professionals.

A dedicated security team closely monitors all aspects of development, workflows, and user data. User’s emails, even those on the free plans, are not used for advertising.

On the product side, Zoho ties security and privacy to Projects in various ways.

Customized roles and profiles (including client profiles) allow complete control over what information users can see or activities they can perform.

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Workflow security via Blueprint (a workflow automation component) enables people to work on various facets of a given task, specifically the part where they are involved.

Fields marked as PII (Personally Identifiable Information) ensure data is encrypted, and administrators can create a log file to check access details.

(Learn more about how seriously Zoho takes security by visiting this page.)


Affordability is another key feature. The platform is free for up to three users and two projects. Premium pricing starts at $3 per user per month for the Standard plan and goes to $6.00 per user per month for the fully-loaded Enterprise edition.

Additional Features

Other key platform features include:

Social Project Management

Zoho has added social elements to Projects, such as feeds, forums, a knowledge base, and chat rooms.

Time Tracking

Projects has several tools to help users stay on schedule and account for work hours. These include timesheets, invoicing, and a planning calendar.

Task Automation

A new drag-and-drop interface makes automating tasks easier to visualize and deploy.

Third-party App Integration

Zoho may not rely on third-party apps to run its operation but does allow Projects to integrate with apps like Slack, Google, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, and many more.

New Version Set for January Release

Zoho has set the release of the newest version of Projects (the seventh) for January 2021. Currently, in beta, it features a complete UI makeover. It provides a seamless, consistent user experience across all devices: web and mobile. It also incorporates artificial intelligence (Zoho has its own AI platform called “ZIA”) for forecasting and reporting. Current Projects users can request early access by filling out the form on this page.

Visit to learn more about the company and its product portfolio.


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