10 Best Marketing Books of All Time

10 Best Marketing Books of All Time

Marketing is an ever-evolving practice and more so now because of digital technology. The best books about marketing will give you a heads up, but you need to keep up with the latest developments and innovations. The Marketing page on Small Business Trends has sections on Sales, Social Media, Retail Trends, Local Marketing as well as Marketing Tips to keep you up to date. And each section has hundreds of articles you can use to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Marketing Strategy

One key way to identifying your marketing strategy is through a lot of research. But beyond that, you have to know how to implement this information to deliver the biggest bang for your ad dollars. Whether it is social media or traditional advertising or improving your landing page, you can find the resources on SBT.

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Marketing Tips

If you are doing your marketing on your own, you can use as many tips as you can to help you succeed. From real estate marketing to local digital or contractor marketing, the tips on SBT identify key industry insights to help you reach your audience more effectively.

In Conclusion

Years ago there were a few channels for marketing, TV, radio, print, billboards and a few others. However, today there are many ways in which you can reach potential customers. Choosing the right one to get your customers to say yes is easier said than done. Reading the best marketing books will help you, but the key is to identify all of the channels that are available to you in traditional and digital marketing.

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Business Books for Women – Small Business Trends

Business Books for Women – Small Business Trends

by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Following the success of Lean In and Why Women Should Rule the World, the authors of the bestselling Womenomics provide yet another informative and practical guide to understanding the importance of confidence—and learning how to achieve it—for women of all ages and at all stages of their career. Claire Shipman and Katty Kay combine research in genetics, gender, behavior, and cognition to explain why girls can rule the world—all they need is confidence. The duo offers an empowering, entertaining guide for girls to become bold, brave, and fearless.

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The book is a product of interviews with visits to the world’s leading psychologists who explain how we can all chose to become more confident simply by taking action and courting risk, and how those actions change our physical wiring. They also interviewed women leaders from the world of politics, sports, the military, and the arts to learn how they have tapped into this elemental resource. Ultimately establishing how a lack of confidence can impact leadership, success, and fulfillment. This book should be on your list of leadership books for women.

Why do women not negotiate as well as men? Why are (some) women not taken as seriously as men in the workplace? The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know explains the relationship between confidence, resilience, risk, and reward. After research that includes hundreds of interviews, the authors offer an insightful look at how internalizing cultural stereotypes can hold women back from competing. Female entrepreneurs will learn that it’s not enough to know they are doing when it comes to performance situations.

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10 Best Sales Books – Ever!

10 Best Sales Books – Ever!

The best sales books will teach a lot of valuable lessons. However, you need to continue learning beyond reading the best books of all time. Thankfully, there are many more resources online today on the subject of sales. Take a look at some of the many pages we have on small business sales on our site.

Sales Management

Managing your sales reps effectively will dictate how well they do in the long run. It all starts by knowing what makes a good salesperson and the steps you take to hire your first sales rep. Beyond that, you have to keep your sales team engaged and motivated by finding solutions to break through a sales plateau. The goal is to provide the resources they need so you can get the best sales effort from your team.

Sales Process

Beyond managing your team, you have to implement a sales process that allows everyone to work as a unit to close that sale. Having a process in place will set clear objectives and benchmarks as well as improve communication, efficiency, and financial forecasting.

Sales Leads

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Once a process is put in place generating and managing your sales leads is just as important. Selling the products and services you offer requires cultivating your leads. This means nurturing the relationship so you can make the move when the opportunities present themselves. If you manage your leads carefully, you will be able to identify when the right deal comes along to ensure you close the sales.

Sales Tips

With all the processes you put in place to optimize your sales, don’t forget to use tips from experts, the best sales books, seminars or other sources. The point is to always keep learning and adopting the latest methods and technology along with sales best practices to help your company achieve its goals. Whether you are trying to increase your online sales or looking for outside sales tips, there are resources out there.


As a sales professional, you will need to invest in yourself to help you stand out from the crowd and advance your career. If you want to master your persuasion skills, outperform the competition, strengthen your sales team and grow your revenue your reading list should include the best sales books you can get your hand on. The best books on selling offer insights from experts and life long experiences to help you address the many different scenarios you will face when facing potential clients.

The process of selling is not only meeting quotas but also understanding the process, using emotional intelligence and connecting with people in the right way. The list of best sales book will help you not only navigate the often elusive world of sales but also offer insights on how people tick, how to set yourself apart from the rest, and how to deal with difficult people. These skills will not only improve your sales techniques and teach you how to get what you want but also provide valuable life lessons.

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Top 10 Social Media Books

Top 10 Social Media Books

Although media marketing books can help you understand the objectives of outreach and engagement, social media can be a different beast altogether. You need to specifically get social media books to understand and master this landscape.

This is because the marketing communications landscape has seen an evolutionary change over the years. Gone are the days where businesses relied on traditional media for their outreach. We are in an age where memes, viral marketing, influencers, likes and shares dominate the marketing lingo.

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The way social media content is planned, produced, consumed and distributed has significantly changed. That is why you will need books about social media in your reading list. Our list of the best social media marketing books will help you better understand what it is all about and how to use it for the success of your business.

Top 10 Books on Social Media

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Top 10 Customer Service Books

Top 10 Customer Service Books

If you have read all the business books on the list or are looking for more resources, we have more suggestions. Check out the following free resources for customer service advice and tips starting with our customer satisfaction page.

Customer Service

Customer service is part art and part science, so there are many ways to support your customers. This will depend on your industry, demographic and products or services you are selling. The customer service solutions you choose have to take this into consideration. You can then build your customer service team and start delivering great customer service.

Customer Experience

In a connected world with 24/7 access to social media and company websites, the customer experience matters more than ever. Why, because a bad customer experience posted on a social media channel, blog or vlog can go viral and damage your brand. The key is establishing a process and creating a system that ensures each customer is getting the right experience with each purchase and interaction.

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Customer Loyalty

All of the books on this list point out customer loyalty is very important to a business. And building long term customer loyalty is especially important. As a business, you have to know how to identify a loyal customer, start a loyalty program, and never forget to also be loyal to them.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

There are many examples of great customer service and when you deliver it they will tell you and the whole world about it on social media or other channels. The customer service books on this list offer ideas and solutions for establishing and improving your customer service journey. Beyond the books, there are other resources you can use to continually improve your customer service as consumer habits and behaviors change.

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Top 10 Business Finance Books

Top 10 Business Finance Books

The topic of finance can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right resources. Whether it is the best book for finance from a Wall Street tycoon, a Harvard Business School grad, your local community college, or a trusted website, there are many resources.

The key is to use each resource, whether it is an author or website, one at a time until you fully understand the concept they are teaching. If you do your research and you find the right resource what you learn from them can give you the best business fundamentals as you start your entrepreneurial journey. Our financial management section covers your journey from the first business plan to retirement. Take a look at all the free information on the financial management section.

Finance Fundamentals

Understanding the fundamentals of finance early will serve you well in the long term. This is true in your personal and business life. From revenues and expenses to how to handle cash, inventory, payroll, or venture capital, they are all key for a good foundation. Read small business finance basics and small business finance tips on how to control your finances.

Financial Statements

As a small business owner or an entrepreneur in general, you have to learn how to use your financial statement to manage your enterprise. When you know what each statement and number means, you will know how to run your business with confidence. You can find why it is important to understand your financial statements and follow up on how to create a financial business plan.

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Accounting Software

Managing your accounts manually is inefficient all around. It will cost you more time and money, resources you could put to better use. With the right accounting software, you can manage your invoices and payroll simply and efficiently. You can find the best free accounting software and if you are looking to purchase one, the top paid best accounting software for small business.

The Bottom Line

The best finance book is worth its weight in gold. It can change your life, it can pay for itself a thousand times over as it helps you avoid mistakes and take you to a path of profitability. It offers advice and anecdotal evidence that explains the success of captains of industries.

These business finance books provide much-needed insights by offering context around different business decisions and actions. In turn, the books will help open up your mind into the world of business to break down concepts that previously might be foreign to you. It is important to note there is no one way or one book or author who will cover everything. The best finance books are those that explain concepts clearly so you can understand and apply them.


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Top 10 Leadership Books for Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Leadership Books for Entrepreneurs

If there is one aspect of entrepreneurship people want to get right, it is leadership. Because with the right leadership you can get your workforce to reach heights they didn’t think they could. And to be a good leader you have to make learning a priority.

As John F. Kennedy put it, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” And one of the best ways to learn on how to be a good leader is by reading books about leadership.

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At some point, virtually all successful leaders have published books on leadership. Whether it is a CEO, a General, Seal Team member, or a teacher their experience provides invaluable lessons for anyone looking to improve how they lead.

If you are looking to improve your leadership abilities our list of the Top 10 Leadership Books will give you the best insights to make it happen.

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Top 10 Business Books for Kids

Top 10 Business Books for Kids

If your young business person has read all the business books on the list or is looking for more resources, we have more suggestions.  After all, there’s more advice than books.  Check out the following free resources for budding entrepreneurs and kid businesses:

Kidpreneur Magazine — This is our digital magazine for young entrepreneurs. It’s a collection of our articles with advice and guidance for children and high school students — and their parents. From preparing your child to be an entrepreneur to encouraging their ideas, you will find practical help and inspiration. Read: Kidpreneur Magazine.

Business Ideas for Teens – Ready to jump right into starting a business? Or perhaps you want to research business startup concepts along with reading a good business book or two. If you need ideas, we have plenty! High school students can easily start a business at home and we’ve collected a number of options to consider. These suggestions do not require a lot of money, and none are very complex.  Read: 50 Business Ideas for Teens.

Teaching Children the Value of Commitment – The foundation of starting a business is commitment. Children have to understand the value of committing to an idea, principle and goals early in life. With plenty of examples of many successful entrepreneurs who stuck to their commitment, it is easy to why it is so important. Read: Parenting a Child Entrepreneur.

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National Lemonade Day – Did you know there’s a holiday just for encouraging young entrepreneurs?  Called National Lemonade Day, it occurs on the first Sunday of May annually and the next one is on Sunday, May 2, 2021. This event is a great way to show community support, and make children feel like entrepreneurship is valued.

Saving for a startup fundAny young person will be more committed to success if he or she has skin in the game.  Teach young people how to forgo spending their allowance on discretionary items, and instead save it up to start a business.  See our savings calculator to get started. 

Early Lesson

The early lessons these business books provide for kids will last a lifetime. As budding entrepreneurs, the business principles they learn now will serve them well in the future.

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10 Millionaire Books for Entrepreneurs

10 Millionaire Books for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur with big goals, you dream of success and one day becoming a millionaire. You want financial independence. You want the means to enjoy a nice lifestyle. So how do you achieve your dreams?

One of the best ways to get started and stay on track is to read books about millionaires. We’re talking about books with rags-to-riches stories to inspire you and grow your confidence. We’re also talking about books that offer practical advice for investing and making smart financial decisions.

This is our recommended reading list of the 10 best books for any ambitious entrepreneur to build the confidence to slay dragons and become a millionaire.

1. Total Money Makeover

by Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is the reigning king of financial management for everyday Americans. Ramsey has built a personal finance empire — with millions of daily radio show listeners, personal finance courses, books, and even a budgeting app called Every Dollar. Ramsey himself went from bankruptcy to multi-millionaire status. No one wants to be broke, and Ramsey’s system has helped people control their spending habits, become debt-free, and build wealth.

Your net worth is less about how much you earn, and more about how much you spend. If you want to achieve your business goals the first step is to get out of the pressure of being in debt and worrying about money all the time. That’s the reason for including Total Money Makeover at the top of this list. You must get your spending habits under control — personally and also in your business. Until you control the outflow of money, it’s going to be hard to accrue real wealth.

2. The Millionaire Next Door

by Thomas J. Stanley, PhD

A millionaire is less like a billionaire or celebrity — and more like your next-door neighbor. In fact, you could have millionaires in your neighborhood and not even realize it. They often don’t live in the biggest houses or drive the flashiest cars. They know the difference between having a million dollars and spending a million dollars. Based on voluminous research, that’s what this groundbreaking book demonstrates.

The Millionaire Next Door was one of the earlier books to advance the notion that the way to gain wealth and happiness is to first be smart about spending. People have to first grow their assets, instead of living like high rollers before they actually have the money. The people of means outlined in the book are not denying themselves nice lives. But they have deferred gratification until getting their finances in order.

3. Everyday Millionaires

by Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan is an expert in wealth building, and it is this expertise which he brings to this book along with his extensive research. This research reveals you don’t have to come from money or have a high income to be a millionaire. The secret, which is no longer a secret, is working hard and staying focused.

The Chris Hogan Everyday Millionaires book is based on the research of 10,000 millionaires. This book debunks myths about millionaires, including their attitudes and behaviors. If you want an inside look into how an everyday millionaire thinks and acts, this is an excellent book. You might just be surprised because you’ve been making assumptions. While there are many books on the market about millionaires, if you want to get inside the heads of thousands of millionaires to follow their examples, this is the book.

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad

by Robert Kiyosaki

More than 23 years after it was first published, Robert Kiyosaki’s book still resonates with readers. The unconventional approach and advice he provides is the key to success. Challenging established norms and focusing on the mindset of being rich are some of his methodologies people use to this day.

One of the best things about Rich Dad Poor Dad is that it teaches about the concept of assets. In the U.S. we hear about credit cards and how big a loan we can take out to buy a house. We’re taught conspicuous spending as if spending is a good goal. What we’re not taught is to think of spending money to build up our assets — things with lasting value. A startup or small business is an asset, and until we think of it that way we won’t appreciate how operating a business can transform our personal wealth.

5. The Latte Factor

by David Bach

David Bach has written nine best sellers about personal finance. The Latte Factor shows people may have more financial resources than they think. This book outlines simple steps for people who want financial freedom and to achieve the American Dream. It’s about paying yourself first — by saving and investing to see your money grow.

This book demonstrates the value of not wasting small amounts of money. Invested over time, money adds up. The book is structured as a parable or story about one young millennial woman named Zoey. Each day she buys a double-shot latte while staring at a painting she thinks she can’t afford. She feels like she doesn’t have the money for the things she really wants (like an expensive painting) but it’s actually because she lacks a plan and spends too much money on discretionary items (like daily lattes).

Entrepreneurs, think about it. Are you doing the same thing in your business? Are you frittering away your resources on small ideas without investing in goals that will build lasting value?

6. Think and Grow Rich

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by Napoleon Hill

First published in 1937, this book has sold more than 15 million copies. The philosophies it espouses including the “Law of Success” have been followed by many successful entrepreneurs in the decades since its publication. The 13 steps to riches are the result of interviewing 500 of the most successful people at the time, according to the author. This includes everyone from Thomas Edison to Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, John D Rockefeller, and many others.

Many people have called Think and Grow Rich a life-changing book. Perhaps the best thing it does is inspire. You can gain a mentality and thought process for lifelong changes in how you deal with money. The principles in it are fundamentals like setting goals and the importance of a positive thought process. Napoleon Hill was a character who may have fabricated some claims about his biography and anecdotes in the book. But remember, there’s a reason this book is a classic. Everyone should read it for the transformative attitude it brings.

7. Built to Sell

by John Warrillow

Built to Sell is about how to create a business that can thrive without you — the owner — doing everything. This book follows a fictional business owner, Alex, who runs a struggling marketing firm. Alex starts getting advice from a mentor and friend. Alex eventually turns the business around by changing his business model to one of recurring revenue streams. As a result, he spends less time personally working in the business, and his company builds enough value that he is able to sell it.

You might be tempted to think this book is similar to the 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss, because the subtitle mentions the business thriving without the owner — but it’s not. Built to Sell focuses much more on creating enough lasting value to be able to sell the business. Let’s face it, as business owners, most of our wealth is tied up in our companies. If you want an exit strategy where you can cash out, you need a plan. This book explains how to get to that 7 or 8 figure payout.

Read our review of Built to Sell.

8. The Highest Calling

by Larry Janesky

The Highest Calling‘s description says it is “an inspirational novel about business and life, struggle and success.” This book is really a business advice book wrapped in a story about Troy Becker, the fictional owner of a remodeling business. Troy works 70 hours a week, his family life is suffering, and he can’t seem to get ahead. Then one day a mysterious mentor enters Troy’s life and starts advising him how to create a business with more value along with more personal satisfaction.

In real life, The Highest Calling‘s author became wildly successful in a mundane industry, basement waterproofing. He founded a nationwide business with annual revenues in the 9 figures. He knows what he is talking about. If you think the one and only way to gain money is through a high tech business and not a regular small business, think again. Once you put in place systems and processes and get your priorities straight, success will ensue. Follow the book’s advice and work toward a profitable business that puts you on the path to millionaire status.

Read our review of The Highest Calling.

9. Built Not Born

by Tom Golisano

Built not Born is an entrepreneur advice book by billionaire Tom Golisano, the founder of Paychex. Golisano started his company with $3,000 in 1971, showing he is a self-made man. The book is a 50-year account of his experiences as a businessman who started as a small business and turned it into a multi-billion dollar company.

Tom Golisano is a billionaire, but this book is not a billionaire’s vanity project. Built Not Born offers lessons in achieving greatness that can translate into your personal net worth. If you are looking for practical advice on building a talented team, implementing a strong business model and improving business performance in your organization, this is a great place to start. By building your business, you also build your personal wealth as the owner.

Read our review of Built Not Born.

10. Jim Cramer’s Get Rich Carefully

by Jim Cramer

Get Rich Carefully is about investing in the stock market. It’s an entertaining and practical book for people who fit into the definition of “average retail investor” (which describes most of us). If you are a person who wants to understand more about investing without getting buried in boring balance sheets, Cramer’s book is a good place to start. And like Cramer, the man who we see on television, the book is entertaining. This is a common-sense approach to investments and how to understand fundamentals.

On many lists, you will see investment books such as The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. That book is a classic and revered by self-made billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. However, that book seems written for a different time. Cramer’s book is a more relevant, easier-to-read substitute today in a world of automated trading and politics-driven market swings. Even if you are one of those investors who prefer to choose index funds or buy real estate, Cramer puts the markets in perspective.


For entrepreneurs, business books can teach you the right moves to build value that can be transformed into personal wealth. Lifelong learning is essential in the business world. There’s a reason millionaires read books. The best books:

  • Inspire you to a positive mindset. Great books fire you up to achieve great things.
  • Teach the right money moves. Positive inspiration is one thing, but knowing what to do and how to do it is essential.
  • Focus your attention. When you “lean in” on goals and dreams, you are more likely to achieve them and gain power.

In America anyone can become a millionaire with the right mindset and a will to succeed. Don’t you deserve to live the American Dream (no matter where you are located)? Read these 10 best books for money-focused entrepreneurs. When you’re done with these, check out other books from authors such as Mark Cuban and Vicki Robin.

Visit our Self-Improvement books category to find more.

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