Best Apps to Stay Focused

Best Apps to Stay Focused

The key to hitting targets and achieving goals every day is to maximize your productivity, but there are so many distractions these days that this becomes increasingly hard to do. With so much coverage of events around the world each day and the constant drip-feed of content via social media interrupting our work, we all need a little help to stay focused and working on one task at a time.

We would all like to increase our productivity at work or elsewhere during the day, especially amidst all the modern distractions, and it is one puzzle many people have been trying to solve. There are now numerous solutions available in the form of mobile and desktop applications that help us stay focused. There are applications that act like a tracker to record the way we spend our time, app blocking apps to remove temptation even when we would like to be tempted, and specially created music that helps get the brain concentrating.

Which type of software will help you focus better will depend on your circumstances and the kind of distractions that affect you the most. That’s why a list such as this detailing ten of the best focus and concentration softwares available can give you a useful overview of what they can do, helping you get the right one to maximize your productivity.

10 Apps to Help You Stay Focused

These are our top picks for mobile and software apps that can help you concentrate, stay focused and be more productive:

1. Brain.FM

The designers of take a scientific approach towards creating music that helps one focus. The app features music that can get your brain reacting differently to other music, purposefully designed to guide you into a mental state free of distractions. Collaborating with researchers at academic institutions, the scientists have conducted experiments to discover the effects of music frequencies and technology on the brain.

The result is this app providing access to patented functional music that elicits something called ‘strong neural phase locking’, which is science-talk for coordinating brain activity to get your concentration levels up when you need it most. is available for both iPhone and Android, and you can get the first five sessions for free.

2. RescueTime

Get RescueTime if you need an automatic time-tracking, distracting website and app blocker that will help you take control of your time. gives you the tools and data you need to reclaim your focus and become your most productive self. The downloadable software lets you see how you spend your time and then provides you with the ability to block the worst distractions.

RescueTime also has in-depth reports and tools to improve your productivity. The time tracker is automatic so no need for manual data entry of all the applications, websites and other software you use. The app will help you identify time sinks and set goals to achieve better focus. Available on iOS and Android, you can check how well it works for you if you get the free trial first.

3. Focus@Will

Another application you might like that provides specially created music to increase your focus is the Focus@Will app. It features personalized focus music that promises to help you complete whatever tasks you have ahead of you, even on a day when you get stressed and are under pressure. Specialized music genres available on the app include Focus Spa, UpTempo, Alpha Chill and Baroque Piano, to name just a few that feature in the thousands of hours of unique tracks.

The music on the Focus@Will app has been created by platinum selling music producers and is supported by world-class neuroscientists, helping the app acquire over two million subscribers so far. There is a free trial available and it is compatible with iOS and Android, MacOS and Windows desktops, as well as Sonos devices.

4. Freedom

With more than one million subscribers who like it, the Freedom website blocker app helps you reclaim your focus and increase your productivity. Use the app to block an unlimited amount of distracting website and time-wasting websites. You can even block the entire internet apart from the websites you need to access for your task.

The Freedom app also lets you sync block all your devices, and features a special ‘Locked Mode’ that prevents you from ending a blocked session when your willpower wavers, which it inevitably will at some point during the day. It is available for Mac and Windows desktops, Android and iOS, and the Chrome browser. There is a free trial as well.

5. Flora

The Flora app uses the pomodoro technique with a gamified aspect to add an extra incentive to your focus. It works by having you plant a virtual seed which then grows into a tree the longer you focus on the task at hand. If you break your focus by visiting another website or start browsing social media, then the plant dies. This gamified pomodoro technique app can be synced with friends or workmates in order to concentrate together.

The app is also a habit tracker and lets you create do-to lists every day, and features a special option to use the Flora Real service to plant real trees somewhere on earth to assist in cooling down the planet. It is available for iOS.

6. LeechBlock

The desktop website blocker LeechBlock is a free and simple productivity tool for people who want to focus during the day but without too much fuss. It works as a web browser extension that will block time-wasting social media and other distracting websites. You input which sites to block and when to block them, and that’s it. LeechBlock lets you specify up to 30 groups of websites to block, and you can assign different times and days for each group. This lets you schedule the likes of news browsing and social media use for a specific period and duration, eliminating the possibility of wasting precious time scrolling and scrolling and scrolling…

The LeechBlock app is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based browsers such as Brave, Opera and Vivaldi.

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7. Todoist

Todoist is a productivity and task management tool that lets you easily manage complex to-do lists, stay focussed, keep track of tasks during the day and remain on course to make sure everything gets done. The philosophy behind the design of the app is to free up your mental space so you can focus and regain clarity and calmness by organizing everything you need to do in the order you need to do it. It is especially useful if you tend to lose focus in the periods of time between tasks.

It costs a small subscription fee per month and is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac desktops, and Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

8. Taskade

Most of the entries on this list will be targeted at individuals, but there are also options that work for focusing a team effort. The Taskade app is one such team-orientated focus and productivity app that takes the to-do list format and visualizes it to aid with the tracking of progress for team tasks and projects.

Taskade helps remote teams organize and complete tasks on time by increasing team productivity with workflow automation and real-time collaboration, including a video chat option. It is available for iOS and Android devices as well as Windows and Mac desktops.

9. Pocket

The Pocket app is a bookmarking tool that lets you save web pages for reading later. It aims to increase your productivity by enabling you to put off reading website pages that are irrelevant to your current task, without you missing out on them when you have time after your tasks are complete or you take a five minute break.

It is a very simple concept, but very useful for people who regularly encounter interesting articles that distract them from their current task. It is also completely free, so its simplicity is more than acceptable, and it is compatible with iOS and Android, Windows and Mac desktops, and most browsers.

10. Spark

One of the biggest distractions we face in our daily adventures is the dreaded inbox, and the designers of the Spark app have an excellent solution. The app is an intelligent email client that stops your inbox from impacting on your productivity. It features a Smart Inbox which automatically categorizes your emails from every account assigned to it. This then lets you filter out unimportant emails and prioritize important emails.

Another nice feature is the ability to schedule emails, so you can assign a block of time to writing all the emails you need to write, then schedule them to be sent at the ideal time. There is a free version of the Spark app, as well as a premium version with a monthly fee. It is available for both iOS and Android, though only on Mac desktops.

Frequently Asked Questions

People often have questions about how software or tools can improve your focus. We’ve collected a few of the most common questions.

How Do Focus Apps Work?

Focus software and tools work in several ways. These ways include:

  • Time-based apps: This kind uses timers to keep you concentrating for a period of time and stop you taking a longer break from work than necessary….
  • Blocker apps: Blockers work on the principle of temporarily blocking distracting websites such as social media websites that are not working to improve your productivity.
  • Music apps: Focus apps that play music that is relaxing or otherwise keeps you focused on working…
  • Clean screen apps: These are options that force you to look only at the task at hand, such as writing or whatever you are working on. You cannot do anything else….

Before deciding which type of app is best suitable for you, you will need to determine what kind of distractions are causing you the most difficulty. Clearly if you find yourself spending a significant amount of time through Facebook or Twitter or reading the day’s news for longer than necessary, then a blocker app or clean screen app will enable you focus. If it is random thoughts and life in general that causes you to lose focus, then the music software should be a great benefit to your productivity. Time-based apps are excellent for intensifying your focus for short periods of time.

How Much do Focus Apps Cost?

Many focus apps are completely free, though these are likely to be the more simplistic ones. The more complex apps usually have fees of between $5 and $10 per month, though there are some that offer annual subscriptions that range between $100 and $150 per year.

Is There a Big Learning Curve for Focus Apps?

Focus apps and app blockers are generally easy to use, as long as you know how to work the device you are using it on. It is in the app developers’ interests to ensure the user experience is not a distraction in itself, so most focus apps are intuitive and feature clear and easy to follow instructions.


As so many of these apps are available with free trials, it is no expense at all to give as many of them a try as you can. When you find the one that helps you maintain your focus, the monthly fees are quite affordable, especially if they are genuinely helping you maximize your productivity and they reduce the amount of time you waste. So get the ones that appeal to you and give them a try, and start your journey to becoming a prolific goal getter.


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Legit Paid Surveys for Money

Legit Paid Surveys for Money

Completing paid surveys online is an easy way to make extra cash on the side. You’re unlikely to get rich with the money from survey sites, but many of them do offer real cash, gift cards, and other perks for those who provide insights for their market research initiatives.

However, there are also scams out there that are just looking for your personal information or that never payout! So you need to make sure the sites you use are legitimate so you don’t end up wasting your time or worse.

Legit Online Survey Sites

The sites below include some paid survey opportunities that provide actual payouts. It’s important to always research specific survey sites before signing up since policies and processes can vary and change over time. But the platforms below offer actual payments and opportunities for those looking to earn points and get paid online.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks touts its platform as a way to earn money for the things you already do. In addition to taking paid surveys, you can also earn money for surfing the web on their approved search engine, watching videos, or using their mobile app. You earn a bonus for signing up and then accumulate points whenever you complete these various tasks. You can then use those points to cash out with gift cards for various retailers or get cashback.

Average amount payout: $0.40 to $2 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards or PayPal

Requirements: Must be 13 years of age or older and a resident of the United States, Canada, U.K., Australia, or other approved countries.

2. Survey Junkie

You start using Survey Junkie by filling out a profile so the platform can match you with surveys that are relevant to your consumer preferences. Then, you can complete surveys on your computer or mobile device and earn points for each one. You can later redeem those points for PayPal cash or e-gift cards. You also only need to clear about $10 worth of points to cash out, which is lower than many other survey sites.

Average amount payout: $1 to $3 per survey

Payment method: PayPal or e-gift cards

Requirements: Must be 16 or older with a valid email address.

3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars lets you earn cash for taking online surveys, watching videos and TV, playing games redeeming coupons, and even shopping. The site also provides a $5 bonus for signing up, and provides a variety of payment options. You can earn cash and cards for various retailers.

Average amount payout: $0.10 to $0.25 per survey

Payment method: PayPal cash, check, or gift cards

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and live in the U.S.

4. MyPoints

MyPoints is primarily an online shopping and rewards service. But it also offers users the opportunity to take a paid survey for money. You can sign up for an account to access all the promotional options, including shopping rewards, surveys, watching videos, or redeeming coupons. The site works on a points system, and you can even earn points on surveys you don’t qualify for. There’s also a $10 signup bonus.

Average amount pay out: $0.35 to $1 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards to approved retailers, or a Visa gift card

Requirements: Must be 13 or older; some surveys and activities have additional eligibility requirements

5. LifePoints

Once you sign up for a LifePoints account, you’ll receive relevant survey opportunities via email. Some surveys include basic online questions, while others may require you to visit specific sites or even test out physical products first. You can choose the one you want to participate in, and the site tries to send out surveys to only the most relevant consumers. There’s also a community of other consumers that users can connect with. The site uses a points system to allow users to redeem rewards, which can vary over time.

Average amount payout: $0.20 to $1 per survey

Payment method: PayPal cash, gift cards, and other rewards

Requirements: Must be 14 or older and live in one of the dozens of eligible countries, which includes the United States.

6. Vindale Research

Vindale Research uses a similar model to many other paid survey sites. You sign up and create a profile with your basic demographic information. Then it matches you with relevant survey opportunities. You can take a paid survey on any device, and get paid with other activities like watching videos and making referrals. The site also sets itself apart by offering quick payments via PayPal and hundreds of survey opportunities each day.

Average amount payout: $0.50 to $5 per survey

Payment method: PayPal

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and live in the U.S., Great Britain, or Australia

7. Toluna

Toluna is an online community of influencers and survey takers. The site allows you to earn points by taking surveys, playing online games, or referring others. You fill out a profile and then get access to community features that are most relevant to you. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for vouchers to various retailers and businesses.

Average amount payout: $0.10 to $50 per survey

Payment method: Points that can be redeemed for vouchers, gift cards, or prizes

Requirements: Must be 16 or older; 18 for certain surveys and incentives

8. Branded Research

Branded Research is an online community for companies to collect relevant opinions from consumers. You can sign up with Facebook or your email address and then answer a few quick questions to get matched with relevant surveys to start earning points. From there, you get daily updates with polls, challenges, and other offerings that you can complete to get points.

Average amount payout: $0.50 to $3 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards, PayPal, cash, or charitable donations

Requirements: Must be 18 or older, or at least 13 with parent or guardian consent

9. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research gives you the opportunity to take online surveys for money about new products and initiatives. You start by filling out some basic personal information. Then you can browse surveys on the platform and get points for each one. The compensation is a bit higher than many other sites. But some of the surveys and product tests can be more time-consuming. And participants may only receive a few opportunities per day. The site also has a full rewards section, so you can either redeem your points for cash or choose from a variety of prizes.

Average amount payout: $3 per survey

Payment method: PayPal, gift cards, or prizes

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and reside in the U.S., Canada, U.K., or Germany

10. CashKarma

CashKarma is a mobile app that lets you access quick surveys and redeem points for cash. You earn points for completing surveys, and even for spending time on surveys you don’t qualify for. There are additional opportunities and challenges, like making referrals or signing up for trials or services. The app offers a sort of gamified version of a survey platform, so you can earn bonuses and reach various levels the more challenges you complete. This means you can get more per survey the longer you spend on the site.

Average amount payout: About 50 points per survey, with a 300 point signup bonus; cash value varies

Payment method: PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards

Requirements: Access to a smartphone with iOS or Android

11. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel lets you sign up for an account in just a few seconds. Then you can add a bit of personal information and start taking surveys and completing challenges to earn points and get paid. Those points can be redeemed for a variety of perks, which you can browse in a lengthy catalog on the site. This site also offers daily challenges, raffles, and giveaways.

Average amount payout: $0.40 to $0.60 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards, PayPal cash, direct bank payment or online game codes

Requirements: Must be 18 or older (or 16 or older with a parent or guardian’s permission) and reside in the U.S., Canada, U.K., or Australia.

12. Opinion Outpost

To sign up for Opinion Outpost, you simply add your name, email address, and gender and you can start to get paid online. Or you can sign up with Facebook or LinkedIn. You then receive an invitation by email, at which point you can add more personal details like your age, occupation, and location, and start taking paid surveys. You can receive survey invitations via email or browse the site for opportunities. And most take just about ten minutes to complete. Then you can redeem points for various rewards.

Average amount payout: $0.30 to $5 per survey

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Payment method: PayPal cash, Amazon or iTunes gift cards, charitable donations

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and reside in the U.S. or other approved countries

13. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is an online market research site that lets users take surveys, test products, and review ad campaigns for cash. You simply fill out a profile to get matched with surveys that are relevant to you. Since the site offers higher compensation than many others, there aren’t a ton of opportunities to take surveys every day, but the ones that get sent to you are often relevant.

Average amount payout: $5 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards for select retailers like Amazon, Target, and Macy’s

Requirements: U.S. residents 13 or older

14. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is one of the oldest survey sites. The company has been around for decades and pledges not to sell your contact information to third parties. It sends out several surveys per year to its members. To sign up, you simply fill out a screener questionnaire and then the site will send you relevant opportunities directly.

Average amount pay out: $0.05 to $0.50 per survey

Payment method: PayPal cash or charitable donations

Requirements: Only one signup per household

15. Survey Club

Survey Club offers surveys, product testing, research panels, clinical trials, and even mystery shopping opportunities. You start by filling out a questionnaire with some basic demographic information. Then you can easily browse tons of opportunities on the site. Filter by surveys that are relevant to you, or you can even filter out those that are within a specific time range or topic area.

Average amount pay out: $0.50 to $5 per survey; each one includes a price in the description

Payment method: Amazon Gift Card

Requirements: Must be 18 or older

16. i-Say

I-Say is a survey site that offers polls and a loyalty program where you can earn points and then redeem them for cash or gift cards. Once you sign up, you can get email notifications or simply browse opportunities on the website. Depending on your demographic information and how in-demand your insights are, most users get about eight survey opportunities per month. There’s also a loyalty program, so you can earn even more points the longer you keep your account going and the more surveys you complete.

Average amount pay out: $0.10 to $1 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards, PayPal cash, charitable donations

Requirements: Must be 16 or older and reside in the U.S. or U.K.

17. OneOpinion

OneOpinion has a simple online registration form, so you can get signed up and start taking money surveys in just minutes. Once you’re officially registered, the company sends opportunities directly to you via email, so you just follow a link to start sharing your opinions and earn points. They offer a variety of rewards, including cash and gift cards, so you can choose whichever options best suit you as soon as you accrue 25,000 points (which equals $25).

Amount paid: $1 to $5 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards and virtual gift codes

Requirements: Must be 18 or older, or 13 or older with permission from a parent or guardian

18. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online isn’t just a survey site for you to make money; it’s also a community where you can share your opinions and even see the results of the surveys you complete. It’s run by the Harris Panel, which is a member of the National Council of Public Polls. It has a 45 year history and keeps participant information completely confidential. However, some of the polls you participate in may sometimes appear in various publications. Of course, it does also offer the opportunity to earn some perks for sharing your opinions.

Amount paid: $1 per survey

Payment method: Gift cards, online vouchers, or charitable donations

Requirements: Must be 13 or older in the U.S. and Canada, or 14 or older in other countries

19. OnePoll

OnePoll is known for providing short surveys that you can complete very quickly. It’s a U.K. based site, but is open to survey takers in multiple countries. Some of the results are used for market research purposes, while many others are used for press coverage. Since most cover trending topics that are relevant in the news, many respondents find them to be fairly interesting. Sometimes you can see surveys you’ve taken in the news.

Average amount paid: about $1 per survey

Payment method: BACS or PayPal

Requirements: Must be 16 or older, and some surveys require respondents to be 18 or older

20. Panda Research

Panda Research works like many other survey sites at first; you sign up for an account and add some personal information. Then you can get relevant surveys and other promotional opportunities sent right to you via email. However, there are also a few key differences. For instance, the site offers two payments via PayPal per month, on the 1st and 15th (you do have to earn at least $50 before receiving payments though). The platform also lets you earn additional money by completing tasks like reading emails and referring friends. In addition to the actual payments, members can also access coupons, discounts, and giveaways.

Amount paid: varies widely; some surveys don’t include incentives at all, but each one should specify whether or not an incentive is offered

Payment method: PayPal deposits

Requirements: Must be 18 or older and reside in the U.S.

How to Protect Yourself When Taking an Online Survey

There are legitimate paid survey sites available where you can make money online by sharing your opinions. But there are also sites that just want to collect your personal information or surveys that might not be worth the risk. To protect yourself and your personal information online, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t share sensitive information like your Social Security Number, bank account information, or driver’s license number
  • Don’t pay any upfront fees or sign up for a site with a credit card
  • Use a dedicated email address just for survey accounts
  • Use anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer
  • Read reviews before signing up; past members often have helpful tips or warnings that may be useful
  • Be wary of sites or apps that send you to third-party websites during a survey
  • Read the website’s privacy policy before signing up
  • Request that companies don’t sell your personal information; many have forms available on their website for this purpose
  • Take your time as you go through surveys; you’re less likely to share sensitive information if you actually think about it for a minute first
  • Take frequent breaks so you don’t get overwhelmed or confused
  • Avoid sites that offer thousands of dollars or perks that sound too good to be true
  • If something feels off to you, leave the site

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Surveys

Even with these sites and best practices in mind, you may still have questions about how the process works. Many sites offer FAQs on their websites, and some of the answers vary from site to site. But here are some general insights that may be helpful for prospective survey takers.

Do survey sites offer other ways to earn money besides surveys?

Yes, you can watch videos, surf the web, and even play games to earn cash on many of these sites. Market research companies are generally looking for your opinions and experiences that relate to the brands they work with. So there are opportunities to provide insights that don’t involve a basic survey.

For example, Swagbucks lets you earn money by watching videos and then answering quick polls. MyPoints lets you earn cashback or rewards from retailers when you shop online. And InboxDollars pays you for watching TV ads.

How will I be paid for taking an online survey?

Depending on the site, there are often multiple ways you can be paid for taking online surveys including:

  • PayPal
  • Gift cards
  • Mailed Check
  • Charitable donations
  • Physical products
  • Online game codes
  • Points you can use for a variety of perks

Will I be paid after each survey I take?

Most sites have a minimum amount you need to earn to cash out so, if it takes 5 surveys to reach that amount, you’ll need to take 5 surveys before you can get paid. Other sites payout after a certain amount of time or number of surveys or points.

How does a survey site earn money?

Legit survey sites don’t charge their users a fee when signing up. So it’s fair to wonder — what’s in it for them? In most cases, these sites partner with businesses that are looking for insights from consumers that can help them shape their products, services, or marketing. So the businesses pay for the information you provide. The survey site takes their cut and you get a small portion of it.

What do I need to start taking surveys?

Specific requirements vary from company to company. But you don’t generally need anything more than a computer or mobile device and a dedicated email address. Some of the platforms above have device requirements, so check to make sure your tech is approved before wasting your time on the signup process. There are also some opportunities for product testing that may require a physical address or P.O. Box, but these opportunities are usually not required for participation in online surveys.

How can I maximize my earnings on paid survey sites?

Aside from choosing the sites that work best for you, there are a few things you can do to avoid completely wasting your time on online surveys:

  • Fill out the initial questionnaire or signup form fully; many survey sites provide more money for people to complete surveys that require respondents from specific demographic groups
  • Pay attention while completing surveys; some include questions designed to make sure you’re actually reading and not just selecting random responses, so you’ll be paid less if you’re just going through the motions
  • Take surveys during the week; more people are free on the weekends, so you may get more opportunities when others are busy
  • Opt for the highest paying surveys first; some sites give you multiple opportunities at once — and if others jump on those high paid surveys first, you might miss out
  • Refer friends to your favorite sites; many offer bonus points for referrals
  • Sign up for a few different sites; you don’t need to have an account on all of them, but rotating between a few trusted favorites can help you access more survey opportunities
  • Sign up for sites that offer free points just for activating a new account; many of the ones above include these incentives, though some only offer temporary promotions
  • Follow your favorite survey sites on social media; some post exclusive opportunities that are just for their loyal followers

How long do online surveys take to complete?

This varies between sites and even within each individual platform. Many sites will tell you the approximate length of each survey, and some even let you see your progress as you work. In general, you can expect most surveys to take between 5 and 15 minutes. Often, those that take longer are those that pay a bit more, while shorter surveys may only make you a few cents.

What types of surveys for money can I take?

There are all different types of market research surveys available online. Some may ask you to evaluate potential ad campaigns. Others might ask about your shopping habits. Generally, sites try to match consumers with survey opportunities that are actually relevant to them. Some may also give you a bit of information about each one before you actually sign up and start taking it. So you can usually choose the ones that are of most interest to you.

Are paid survey sites worth my time?

That depends on how much you value your time. Generally, you’re not going to make more than a few dollars per hour for sharing your opinion. So if you’re just looking for ways to make money, online survey sites probably are not the best option. However, if you’re not doing anything else and are just looking for extremely easy ways to earn extra cash or want to get a gift card in the mail every now and then, survey sites may help you kill a bit of time in a semi-productive way.


Surveying for money probably isn’t going to get you rich. In fact, you probably won’t earn as much as you could with other business opportunities, like blogging, delivering food, or selling products online. But if you have a bit of extra time and just want to answer some simple questions while you’re watching TV or sitting in a waiting room, these sites give you the opportunity to earn extra cash, gift cards and other perks. Just make sure you protect your personal information and choose the survey sites that are the best fit for you. Then you can start having fun and helping companies shape the products and marketing initiatives that are most relevant to you as a consumer.


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25 Survey Tools for Your Business

25 Survey Tools for Your Business

In today’s business world surveys are not limited to big corporations, universities or research centers. They have become an indispensable part of the business operations for organizations large and small. Whether it is to test a product’s affinity among users, how your services fare with customers, inform your business strategy and more.

Surveys help you glean that much needed comprehensive data to make major business decisions.  Surveys are like the way a doctor takes your blood for a prognosis. By sampling a select portion, businesses get to understand the sentiments and motivation and decision making processes of those they are surveying.

In fact, much of what you see as an innovative business probably came by way of a survey. From market research, logo design, offerings, shop layout to those iconic ads at the Super Bowl, surveys have had a role to play.

Survey Tool Uses

A survey helps to get information and insights on various topics of interest. It also helps you segment perceptions based on demographics, purchasing power, gender and other categories to garner better insights. Online survey tools will help inform your intervention decisions based on a particular segment(s) for a better impact. For businesses they help in:

Product Screening

Suppose you have a product that you think would be a success. Rather than embark on a journey on product development and marketing to meet the sales and find out that your product is not anywhere near the customer’s needs a survey can help you reduce these risks. Before embarking on a long and protracted process, a quick online survey can help you determine whether your product will have good reception in the market by evaluating perceptions and needs beforehand.

Help Determine Weak Spots or Blind Spots in your Operations

Very often we fail to see what others are looking for and just go with our assumptions. A survey can help identify potential competition with your products or if there are substitutes for your product or service. They provide insights into how users perceive your product or service when stacked up against the competition. They help identify where our customers’ pain points are. This kind of survey helps address issues such as customer service and product offerings before your competitor steals your unhappy customers.

Reveal Opinion

A survey is a great way of getting a feel of people’s sentiments and reception to change. You can do an internal review to see how your employees feel about the benefit packages you are providing them. Besides, as a great tool to garner insights on engagement it also shows you are working towards an all-inclusive process of your inner workings. It will help your business to make decisions that are driven by public reaction.

Survey Tool Features

Depending on the objective of your survey and the survey tools you use, you may incorporate various options. These features are important:

Survey display options offer respondents the option of choosing where to show the survey. This could be your own website, an email, function on mobile devices or on a page hosted by the survey company.

Branching logic also known as skip logic is the ability of the survey to address different questions according to the answer chosen by the respondent. For example, if one question is ‘Do you use our services?’ and the user answers ‘Yes’ then the follow-up question would be ‘How did you first get to try our product?’ On the other hand, if they answer ‘No’, the follow-up question would be skipped.

User segmentation allows you to include only parts of your target audience in a specific survey. For example, you can show a survey only to new website visitors, only to returning visitors, to visitors from a specific geographical location and others. This is a great way to get invaluable information from specific groups.

Multiple option answers are required in order to get the most comprehensive information from any survey. Some common types of answers include text boxes, unique choice answers, multiple choice answers, and grid/matrix answers.

Data analysis allows you through charts, excel graphs, and other graphics to visualize the data with ease.

Survey Tools

Online survey tools are making it easy for businesses to create and send a survey within minutes. Conducting a survey online gives you the reach you need to get a good sample size for your survey. They are tools that help gauge how happy your customers are, do market research, gather feedback, and even measure employee satisfaction. Below are some online survey tools to checkout:

1. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is one of the most well-known online survey tools, and while it offers various levels of subscriptions, the Basic plan is a good place to start. If you have a survey with more than 10 questions and need more than a few dozen survey responses, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans which starts at $25.

2. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a relative newcomer to the survey software industry. However, it has quickly ramped up what they offer to rival those that have been around longer. Like the other packages, you may need to look to the paid versions to give you the flexibility you need, and the features that may make your survey as strong as you need it to be. Still, ZohoSurvey offers some excellent options that some other packages require a paid version to use. IF you are a Zoho ONe subscriber, Zoho Survey is included in the all-in-one price, at no additional charge. If you are not a subscriber its paid plan starts at $20.

3. Survey Gizmo

SurveyGizmo provides excellent online survey tools. Like SurveyMonkey, it offers service at a number of pricing levels. However, the free SurveyGizmo option offers an unlimited number of questions. Additionally, you can export your data to Excel or other spreadsheet tools with the free survey version. For this solution, pricing starts at $300 per year.

4. Qualtrics

Like some of these other tools, Qualtrics has built-in templates you can use that guide to develop a survey. When developing a survey, you want to get a sense of how it will display on a variety of devices. And Qualtrics makes it particularly easy to do this. Customized pricing is available along with a free trial.

5. SoGoSurvey

One of the differentiating aspects of SoGoSurvey is the services the company offers to assist with survey design. Many small businesses simply don’t have the time to spend on creating a survey. And SoGoSurvey eliminates this need, with options that range from just a little bit of advice on a survey to full design. An annual subscription starts at $ 299.00 which comes with unlimited surveys and unlimited questions. There is also a free trial if you want to give it a go,

6. Survey Planet

SurveyPlanet is one of the most affordable options. The free survey version offers an unlimited number of surveys and unlimited respondents. The design is a little less sophisticated than what many small businesses might like. Additionally, it is not as intuitive, but it offers most of what the other packages do. A free version is available as well as a paid plan that starts with $20 per month.

7. QuestionPro

QuestionPro provides both quantitative and qualitative research options. The free survey creator comes with an easy to use interface along with sample survey templates to help you get started easily. With this tool you can send your survey through mobile, email, text messages, website embeds or via social media.

8. TypeForm

TypeForm comes with online survey tools that work across devices. This tool comes with personalized question paths and unlimited logic jumps. This makes it easy to segment your data based on your set parameters. This tool comes with a survey maker, form builder and a wide selection of templates. You can also use TypeForm to export your data to Google sheets and other applications for analysis. The Essential plan starts at $35 per month but there is also a limited free version.

9. LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey is an open-source online survey tool offering a scalable solution. You can conduct simple questionnaires with just a couple of questions or advanced assessments with conditionals and quota management. This survey tool comes with support for more than 80 languages; unlimited administrator privileges to allow teams to work on a survey; several question types; capabilities to set conditions for your questions based on previous answers; assessment scores to analyze survey sites and much more. Pricing starts at $29 per month and there is a free version and a free trial as well.

10. Constant Contact Surveys

ConstantContact is a survey tool that allows you to embed your survey in an email, post them on Facebook or on your website. This comes with real-time tracking capabilities of your respondents individually or as data trends.  This comes in handy if you are looking for insights about your customer service. And the real-time poll feedback can help you tweak your operations and increase your customer’s satisfaction. Subscription prices start at $20 per month but a free trial is also available.

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11. MailChimp Surveys

Mailchimp’s hosted survey forms help you to create detailed surveys and share them from your social posts, emails, or anywhere on the web. With it, you can add as many questions and question types as you need, choose from a variety of answer types, and style the form to fit your needs.

You can also create a survey outside of Mailchimp and link it to your campaign using Google Forms or any of the other options in Mailchimp’s Integrations Directory. Mailchimp’s Forever Free plan accommodates up to 2,000 contacts, and you can send up to 12,000 emails per month. This plan is free until you have more than 2,000 contacts. The Essentials plan is based on the number of subscribers you have and starts at $9.99.

12. Nextiva Surveys

The Nextiva solution is part of its Business Communications Suite. This tool offers ready to use survey templates, response analytics, email notification and more. Survey results are collected in real-time with users able to generate shareable links for their survey that can be shared with audiences through email or social posts. This solution is priced on a monthly basis and the plans vary according to the number of questions in a survey.

13. FormStack

FormStack is a no-code form builder that helps you create a custom survey that is both mobile and web-friendly. This tool allows you to filter responses for targeted insights whereby the results will be shown either in charts or graphs.

It comes with Formstack Go, which lets you conduct a survey offline. It integrates with over 50 popular web apps, including Salesforce, MailChimp and PayPal. FormStack’s pricing starts at $19 a month but also offers a free 14-day trial as well.

14. Hubspot Surveys

Hubspot Surveys let you conduct customer satisfaction surveys to collect feedback from your customers on their experiences or interactions with your business. The survey can be sent in an email or you can display it on any webpage that has your HubSpot tracking code. The survey comes with five customer satisfaction survey templates and is compatible across devices. By signing up you can get the opportunity to survey 250 customers for free.

15. Google Forms

Google Forms is yet another popular survey tool that is jam-packed with some great features. These include the ability to generate unlimited online surveys for an unlimited number of respondents. It also provides automatic collections of data on Google Sheets, plenty of theme options, skip logic and page branching. And best of all these features are completely free.

16. Google Surveys

Google Surveys is a market research tool that gathers data from survey questions. Internet users answer survey questions in order to access high-quality content around the web. Pricing is based on per completed response and starts at a minimum of $3 per completed response.

Google then aggregates and analyzes responses through a simple online interface which includes graphs and clickable demographic segmentation that can be shared with your team. To get started you will need a Google account with Google Drive enabled; the Chrome browser, and the Google “one click” Forms web app installed.

17. Survey Solutions

Survey Solutions is a free software part of the Data group of The World Bank. This tool comes with a range of standard questions, answer piping, cascading and linked questions and can record information from external sensors. You can also collect your data offline on tablets, collect them online using web-interface as well as capture them through phone interviews.

Survey Solution even has a geographic information system (GIS) support to pinpoint information on locations, distances and areas.

18. Microsoft Forms and Forms Pro

Microsoft Forms is a lightweight form app that can do simple a survey. Forms Pro comes with Microsoft 365 and enhanced features to help you share and analyze your survey.

Microsoft Forms Pro is for users who want more personalized advanced features including enterprise-level surveys. With Forms Pro you can automatically send a survey based on triggers, build customized email templates and get advanced response analysis. Forms Pro can be acquired through Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscriptions and is also available as an upgrade for Office 365 subscriptions.

19. Survio

Survio is an easy-to-use survey tool to measure your customer’s satisfaction or marketing research. This free online do-it-yourself platform comes with more than 100+ ready-made templates to help you collect, analyze and share data.

20. Formsite

Formsite is a survey and forms automation software that comes with over 100 customizable templates for registrations, surveying customers, order forms, and more. The assortment of forms gives users the flexibility to quickly and easily use them for multiple purposes. You can even customize your own graphics. Subscription to Formsite starts at $19.95 a month there is also a limited free version as well as a 14-day trial.

21. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is a cloud-based survey solution that can be used for gaging customer service, marketing and sales. Its features include a quiz builder, assessment tools, on-page widgets and multi-user management. Custom reports can be generated and shared in real-time. This solution also comes with an offline mode and multilingual support. The starter package comes with a monthly subscription fee of $33. However, there is also a 7-day risk-free trial on offer as well.

22. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow has a conversational interface, that enables users to create and share surveys across web, mobile, social media, and e-mail to easily collect feedback from your target audience. Its recurring survey allows you to send a survey at regular intervals to measure engagement and progress. The pricing starts at $19.00 a month, and comes with a limited free version as well as a free trial.

23. SurveyPlanet

 Survey Planet’s free version comes with unlimited surveys, question types, unlimited respondents; survey theme options and other support features. However, with this online survey tool, you cannot export the results to Excel. The Pro version which comes with $15 a month subscription fee offers printable survey results; question branching; email and SMS survey completion notification; and includes in-question images.

24. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is an online survey tool that provides multiple templates across several devices with the ability to review and share reports in real-time. Besides allowing to personalize your survey it seamlessly integrates with programs such as Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, Basecamp and others. It comes with customer support and boasts of stringent security protocols to protect privacy.  Pricing for this tool is set at an annual subscription of $299 and there is also a free version.

25. CrowdSignal

CrowdSignal is an online survey tool that comes with a free version offering unlimited surveys, unlimited questions, unlimited responses and limited data export. However, you can only customize a survey and export data with the paid version which starts at $15 a month. CrowdSignal integrates with WordPress.


Before online surveying tools, the enterprise of taking a survey was limited to large organizations. With today’s digital technology market research can be carried out with online surveys by the smallest of businesses, as well as individuals. Whether it is Google Forms or the free version on MailChimp, you now have more ways to conduct a survey.

And it is this free access that allows businesses to properly vet the tools that best suit their needs before they start paying. With so many solutions in the market place, there is no reason not to use survey tools to better understand your customers, market, industry, employees and whatever else you need to find something about.


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Top Junk Removal Franchises for 2020

Top Junk Removal Franchises for 2020

You say that one man's garbage is another man's treasure. Whatever you call it, Americans have a lot of garbage and more and more people are trying to get rid of it. The result is a growing waste disposal industry. And junk removal franchise companies offer the opportunity to take advantage of this growth. <! – ->

According to, Americans produce 4.51 pounds of garbage per person per day! With all this waste, you can see the potential for entrepreneurs who see franchise companies as garbage disposal companies. Investigations by Global Markets Insights show a worldwide market value of USD 1 trillion per year for waste management. forecasts a $ 80.7 billion market in the U.S. alone by 2023.

So what do garbage disposal companies transport as part of the service they offer? This depends on the garbage disposal franchise. Old furniture, refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, carpets and televisions are on the list for almost all companies. Some companies commercialize computers and printers. However, most franchisees will not carry away hazardous waste.

<! – -> Many garbage transport companies are local independent companies. They are often moving companies. Finally, people use the opportunity to sort out their possessions. In addition, both types of companies require similar skills and equipment. So there is a natural connection between a moving service and transport.

But aspiring entrepreneurs today may want to take advantage of the branding and professional marketing that franchisees offer for garbage disposal. The franchise benefits help them stand out from the competition to succeed.

7 franchise companies for the disposal of waste

Below you will find our selection for the top garbage disposal franchise.

1. Two men and a truck

When two sons of Mary Ellen Sheets attended college in 1985 and left their small moving company, she decided to take over the company. It started selling franchises in 1989, and today the company has more than 300 franchises worldwide.

Two men and a truck have over 3,000 trucks and a transfer rate of 96%. This is a great number to start with as a new franchisee. However, the company is more than a garbage disposal franchise. It is now a full service company offering storage, boxes and accessories, long distance removals and packaging services. <! – ->

The initial investment for a franchise has two options. The start-up cost for the mini-market is between $ 100,000 and $ 192,000, and the standard launch cost is between $ 179,000 and $ 585,000. There is also a running license fee of 6% and 1% for the license fee.

2. 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

promoted since 1989 1-800-GOT-JUNK? unwanted items. The founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK Brian Scudamore, founded the company at the age of 19. The goal of his business was to find a way to pay his tuition.

<! – -> The $ 700 that he spent on a used pickup truck has grown into a multi-million dollar company with three different brands. In 1998 the company started to provide franchise companies. There are now around 160 franchise companies in the United States, Canada and Australia. Although 1-800-GOT-JUNK? says it is the largest garbage transportation service in the world, with limited franchise companies for sale.

The company provides classroom and on-site training to its franchisees to ensure that owners understand the business. It also provides ongoing operational and marketing support. Add Propriety software, email marketing, SEO and co-op advertising to the support list.

Another essential support is a central call center. This center takes care of all sales, services and shipping for customers looking for garbage trucks. For new entrepreneurs, this eliminates a large part of the costs associated with the disposal of waste.

The initial investment is approximately $ 210,000 with license fees of 8% of gross sales. There are also other support and operational fees, including the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) fee, marketing fund, and renewal fee.

3rd Junk King

Junk King was founded in 2005 by Michael Andreacchi and Brian Reardon. Today, the company has 105 franchises in the United States and Canada.

With larger trucks, larger areas, and recycling up to 60% of the garbage they transport, the company was the highest ranked customer service organization in North America in 2014.

For those who want to buy into a franchise, Junk King offers several sources of income, including income for consumers and households. a trading and industrial company; Government contracts; and recycling. According to Junk King, each channel builds a network with a community presence on its territory. The goal is to generate a diversified income stream from services – a recession-resistant with stable monthly income.

Junk King is also one of the few garbage disposal franchises to offer a national 800 number and call center support. This goes hand in hand with extensive marketing support for business owners. Local marketing with direct mail, couponing and target offers as well as local PPC (e.g. Google Ads) and national SEO are some of the marketing tools that franchisees receive.

The total franchise cost for a market of 450,000 to 650,000 people is $ 89,850 to $ 175,440. The amount depends on costs such as vehicles, travel expenses for training, inventory, office and warehouse leasing, signage and more.

4. J removal of dog feces

By providing franchise opportunities exclusively for veterans, J Dog Junk Removal worked out a niche for itself. The company was founded in 2011 by Jerry Flanagan, an army veteran and entrepreneur.

The business started in 2011 with a team of two in a home depot parking lot. There are now 200 franchise companies in 31 states. The only thing that JDog Junk Removal can't take away is hazardous waste. Everything from equipment to garden waste, furniture, tires, scrap metal and more is a fair game for this garbage disposal franchise.

The service this company provides to its franchise companies includes 13 hours of on-the-job training and 27 hours of classroom training. Marketing support includes leads from the company's website.

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The leadership team supports new franchisees by being available and accompanying them on their journey, as the owners learn. The company continues to support veterans through its J Dog Foundation by donating money to organizations dedicated to improving the everyday lives of veterans.

The franchise is only offered to veterans, active military personnel and their families. In this sense, the start-up costs are lower than at other franchise companies. The initial investment for a franchise is $ 29,850-110,070 with a running franchise fee of $ 400-2,000 per month.

5th Junkluggers

Josh Cohen borrowed his mother's SUV to start Junkluggers in 2004. Until 2012 he had franchises for sale. Today there are 24 franchise companies that offer transportation services, including the needs of hamsters.

The company has a solid training program that includes 18 hours of on-the-job training and more than 30 hours of classroom training. It can take 8-12 weeks for franchisees to start their new business.

This is a company that is fully dedicated to providing environmentally friendly services. By 2025, it wants to keep all recovered items away from landfills through reuse, donation, recycling and upcycling.

The initial investment in a Junkluggers franchise can range from $ 105,435 to $ 222,210. The ongoing license fee is 5% – 7%, along with a license fee of 2%. The company also requires net worth of $ 300,000 and cash and cash equivalents of $ 85,000.

If you're a veteran with an honorable discharge, you can get a $ 5,000 discount off the initial franchise fee.

6. Bin There Dump That

Bin There Dump That takes a different approach to getting rid of your things. The company provides dumpsters so customers can take the time to throw their things away. There are now more than 110 franchise companies in the United States that offer these services.

Customers can rent and use dumpsters of various sizes on their own property for up to seven days. The company then picks up the dumpster from customers.

Bin There Dump This franchise offers the opportunity to increase sales with additional services. Despite offering home-friendly dumpsters, the company states that half of its customers are contractors. For franchisees, this means another source of income from another industry segment.

The investment for franchisees starts at $ 75,000 to $ 128,250. This includes an initial franchise fee of $ 38,000 to $ 42,000 and an ongoing license fee. Operating fees are discounted for the first two years. This should give the new franchise operators time to build up their customer base and build a market presence.

License fee for year 1 = USD 6,000 per year, per truck (USD 500 / month), license fee for year 2 = USD 9,000 per year, per truck (USD 750 / month) and license fee for year 3+ = USD 12,000 per Year and truck ($ 1000 / month).

7th College Hunks Hauling Junk

In 2003, a group of friends borrowed a van from college and started moving unwanted items. They sold franchises until 2007. College Hunks now has more than 100 franchisees in 250 areas across the country.

College Hunks Hauling Junk donates or recycles 70% of the items it transports. This includes loft and storm cleaning, as well as garbage, tires and garden waste in addition to the regular items.

Support options include 55 hours of on-the-job training and 53 hours of classroom training, plus marketing, social media, website development, and more.

Average franchise sales increased 113% over the past 7 years and increased $ 121,000 in 2019 with average unit sales of $ 1.25 million.

Starting a franchise requires a minimum of $ 50,000 in cash and a net worth of $ 200,000. The total initial investment is $ 95,700 to $ 231,200. This includes at least $ 40,000 to $ 60,000 for the initial franchise fee. There is a running license fee of 7% and a license fee of 2%.

Attractiveness of franchise companies

The waste disposal industry has developed into highly developed companies with tight systems and marketing. And that shows why franchisees fit exactly.

One of the advantages of franchisees is that they offer entrepreneurs a proven business model to get their new business going. This is particularly important for companies that strive to be the best in their industry and location. You can start your own junk transportation company from scratch at any time. But if you'd love a head start, you have solid options from successful franchises. Here are some franchise ideas to consider.


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10 Heat Map Tools and User Tracking Tools

10 Heat Map Tools and User Tracking Tools

In business, entrepreneurs always try to crack numbers and gain valuable knowledge from them. With the growing data from social media platforms, customer interactions and sales, managing and interpreting data has become important for companies of all sizes. <! – ->

Spreadsheets can often provide the numbers. However, it may not be necessary to provide the tools to examine trends and patterns and visualize results. However, through data visualization, which can be graphics, diagrams, or pictorial representations of information and numbers, we can quickly see what is happening.

Data analysts and machine learning can draw insights from statistics without visualization. But it would be difficult for the less initiated among us to communicate the meanings without visualization. This is because our brains process visual information much more easily than written information or spreadsheets. A chart or graph can help us summarize complex numbers much better than spreadsheets. Data visualization tools available to companies include heat maps.

What is a heat map?

<! – -> Heatmaps differ from other analysis tools in the way the statistics are displayed. In essence, heat maps can easily identify clusters of information with similar values ​​using similar colors. These in turn show how this information interacts with other variables and support our decision-making process. They help break down the information by translating it into colors. The intense colors indicate high activity, while cooler colors indicate less activity. They are well suited to show changes across multiple variables by showing their patterns.

Heatmaps can provide an effective visual summary of information by converting data into an image form that makes decryption easy. If you try to use long spreadsheets, they are easily interpreted in colors using a heat map. In return, this enables a large volume of data to be communicated immediately and can help to establish correlations easily.

Heatmaps help determine the level of performance for different departments of the company. They also help to set priorities and highlight problem areas. Heatmaps not only provide more clarity in your reporting, they also facilitate communication with stakeholders. In addition, it offers greater opportunities for a high level of engagement for the target groups. In contrast to other data visualizations that have to be interpreted, heatmaps are characteristically self-explanatory. Heatmaps have become more popular as Google has released heatmaps that you can create using Google Analytics data through a Chrome extension called Page Analytics.

When is a heat map used?

Heatmaps can best be used to indicate relationships between two variables or sets of variables. As a business tool, they are useful for analyzing sales, market information, product usage, or financial reports in a visual format. They help you to get valuable information about your customers, what their preferences are, what they respond to positively and what turns them off.

Heat Mapping is an essential tool for designers, user experience (UX) specialists and marketers to track website usage patterns and make informed decisions about optimizations to increase conversion rates and revenue. <! – – ->

Since heat maps are well able to find areas of intensity using colors and shades, they can determine where in which parts of the business processes of websites there is more activity and which have become cold. Heatmap tools contain solutions that can be used to monitor user activity on their website.

For example, they show scroll maps sections of the page that are displayed most frequently. The confetti shows clicks on a page and the associated metrics for those clicks, e.g. B. Reference sources, regardless of whether there are new visitors or returning visitors. The overlay determines how many people click each item on your site. And the L ist helps organize clicks based on the type of page element, the number of clicks, and the percentage. These insights will help your company track and provide remedial actions for your business processes.

<! – -> The best heatmaps help you to analyze and understand user behavior across segments and the various conversion levels. This enables you to quickly identify optimization opportunities that can include scrolling depth, slow speed, device-specific script errors, and other errors.

Heat Map Tools and User Tracking Tools

For your marketing efforts, heat maps can help track visitor interactions with your website or applications. They help draw a better picture of who uses your apps, where they live, how often they use them, what features they usually use, or how long they scroll on your website. These are all valuable insights that you can use to test and improve your service for maximum impact.

Here are 10 heatmaps and user tracking tools you can use to explore how customers use your website and apps.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg helps companies test and map user behavior on their website. The heat map tools include click heat maps, mouse pointer heat maps and scroll heat maps. It comes with a plugin for WordPress and uses its confetti heat map to show where people click on your pages.

The color-coded metrics can help provide a reference source or where the visitor was taken to your website. In addition, Crazy Egg offers unlimited A / B tests that let you learn more about how visitors to your website respond to certain elements. This way you can make conscious decisions about the optimizations you want to make on your website.

The starter plan costs $ 24 a month and provides 30,000 pages per month analysis and 100 recorded sessions. A much more robust offering for 500,000 analyzes per month and 1,000 recorded sessions costs $ 249 per month. If you're on the fence about signing Crazy Egg, there is a 30-day free trial for all plans.


EyeQuant uses artificial intelligence support to predict user responses to digital designs. This heat map provides instant reports that include issues such as clarity and emotional impact on visual attention analysis. The heat map contains the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the privacy of users. EyeQuant does not offer a monthly flat-rate subscription price but offers an offer tailored to your preference.

Feng GUI

The Feng GUI differs from other tools by using artificial intelligence using predictive eye tracking to gain insight into visual elements. This includes heat maps, gaze diagrams, areas of interest, opacity and even aesthetics. The heat map tools on this platform provide an analysis of your landing pages, ads, banners and even your packaging designs. With its algorithmic models, it delivers results immediately.

Basic Starter Subscription starts at $ 99 per month for a single user and includes up to 100 analytics. The company package is set at $ 199 per month and offers unlimited users up to 5,000 analyzes a year and other perks. It also offers a free plan with free analysis for a period of one month.


FullStory provides a helpful solution for analyzing digital user experiences. It shows you what you need to know so that your users can navigate through your conversion funnel. Features include heat maps, retry sessions, bug reports, and other useful tools. It also offers a co-browsing feature that allows your chat support staff to see and connect with users in real time to solve problems or support in real time.

FullStory offers a 14-day free trial with Analytics. At the end of this period, users can either upgrade or opt for the free plan with up to 1,000 sessions per month. Additional plans include the business plan and the business plan.

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Hotjar is a cloud-based user tracking tool that provides insight into what users are doing on your website. With Hotjar's tools, you can track clicks, typing, and scrolling behavior to reflect visitor motivations and desires. It includes conversion and optimization tools that include session records, form analysis, visitor surveys and surveys, and other analysis.

Hotjar's heat maps include click and tap, scroll, and mouse movements to help you determine what optimizations your website or applications need. Hotjar's starter plan is set at $ 89 per month and offers an analysis of 20,000 pages per day. The free plan includes limited reports that help process 2,000 page views per day.

Lucky Orange

The Lucky Orange offering includes numerous heatmaps, session records, funnel analysis, and surveys to map user behavior. User activity includes typing, moving, clicking and scrolling on your website. This is supported by advanced segmentation and filtering features so you get the feedback you need to plan your tests.

Offers start at $ 10 a month. This subscription includes 25,000 page views and unlimited records per month. It also offers a free trial version that you can try.

Mouse River

Mouseflow is another heat map tool that allows you to monitor the clicks, scrolls, movements, and attention of users on your website. It also measures drop-offs, refills, empty submissions, bugs, and a variety of user activity. An anonymized record of each visitor's activity is also displayed on your website.

Mouseflow offers start at $ 24 per month. The subscription includes unlimited page views and 2,500 recordings per month. The offer grows in terms of both scope and pricing as you step into the higher levels of service. You can also try a free trial.

Quantum Metrics

Quantum Metric provides a solution to analyze user behavior through statistical analysis and machine learning to identify ways to optimize your website. With this tool, you can easily optimize your conversion funnel, identify conversion blockers and point out powerful campaigns.

Cross-team, real-time synchronization capabilities give companies the ability to prioritize business impact opportunities and align with team-based dashboards. There is no set pricing information, but Quantum Metric offers custom offers instead.


Smartlook offers extensive heatmaps and session reruns that allow you to visualize your users' travel from the moment they first landed on your website. And you can visit your website again and convert by clicking on your Facebook retargeting campaign. By adding the code to your website, you can immediately integrate it into Smartlook.

In addition to a free trial, the starter plan is set at $ 31 per month and offers 75,000 session recording and heat map solutions.

Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense's heat map tool helps measure the metrics of your website and tracks visitor behavior to increase conversions. The intuitive tools can be used to determine how far the pages scroll down or where users spend their time the most. It can also filter reports to show the behavior of a specific group of users using Zoho's predefined segments, or create its own custom filter.

Zoho's standard small business package comes with a $ 17 monthly subscription and an analysis of 10,000 monthly pageviews.

Evaluation of heatmap tools

A good heat map tool offers a behavior analysis solution with a focus on heat maps. And one that records events and assigns them to users' purchase trips, without other disturbing features. It is important that when choosing your heat map tool, you determine whether it is easy for everyone to use.

It should also be easy for someone to sign in with a simple email address, password, and billing information needed to set up an account. Some heat maps require some programming knowledge to be integrated into websites. Others offer seamless integration by offering a scripted installation that doesn't require coding.

The second most important topic is the consideration of the value offered by the heat map tool. Some offer free trials, while others offer extensive subscriptions. The key here is to identify which heat map tools the company is looking for. Do you need a conversion funnel analysis or a simple web analysis? This way you can make sure that you don't pay too much for features that you will never use.

You can also easily find the best heat map solution that offers various plans based on your monthly page views to narrow your search. The good thing is that there are many heatmap solutions that offer free plans. You can try one, two or more solutions and decide which is the best heat map for your business needs.


Heatmap tools can make a significant difference in your conversion funnel. They provide much needed insight into the features of your website's design. Their simplicity in terms of data visualization is essential to help everyone understand the nuances of website visitor activity. By providing insight into clicks, typing, scrolling, and mouse movements, they identify what works for your site and what doesn't.

In addition, predictive heat mapping tools have a variety of analysis tools that can support your business intelligence. They help monitor the performance of traffic sources, website problem areas, user interactions, event tracking, the attractiveness of your product pages and much more.

In today's competitive world, heat maps can help you improve the performance of your conversion funnels on your e-commerce website. All you have to do is choose from the heat map tools that are tailored to your business needs.

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