30 Best Home Based Franchises

30 Best Home Based Franchises

Today with the thousands of franchises available, it’s possible to find a good selection of home-based franchises. And we’re here with a list of the best to choose from. Even if you don’t know how to research a franchise, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Working from home allows freedom and flexibility along with low overhead costs. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may need to identify certain types of businesses when buying a franchise. For example, a stay-at-home mom may need a franchise that allows a flexible schedule that doesn’t interfere with raising a child. Someone who is employed full-time or is retired may want a part-time franchise to earn extra money on the side.

Not all of the 30+ choices below are franchises. A few are business opportunities, but seem enough like franchises that we included them. Regardless of your circumstances, you’ll find many choices in the world of franchises that lend themselves to being operated from home.

Top Home-Based Franchises Overall

Here are the top work from home franchises:

1. ChemDry

ChemDry is a carpet cleaning franchise that has been around since 1977. The company offers patented cleaning and sanitizing products. And they provide training, financing, and plenty of brand recognition throughout the country. Of course, franchisees need to go to client homes to provide service. However, you can book appointments and run the business end from home. The fee for these franchises is $23,500, and the initial investment is $67,645 to $185,757.

2. Molly Maid

Molly Maid offers cleaning services to homeowners throughout the country. It’s one of the most recognizable names in the industry. And franchise owners can often run the bulk of their operations from home since they have employees (the maids) and support to help with the actual cleaning services. The fee for this franchise is $14,900. And initial costs are $110,000 to $155,200.

For other maid options, see our list of 20 cleaning franchises.

3. Junkluggers

Junkluggers provides eco-friendly junk removal services for individuals and businesses. Franchisees can manage appointment scheduling and business operations from home. But the business generally requires hiring a team. And you’ll need to provide service on-site at homes and businesses in your area. Franchisees get an exclusive territory along with their home-based franchises. The initial fee for the franchises is $50,000. And total startup costs start at $105,435.

For more choices, see our list of junk removal franchises.

4. Fetch Pet Care

Fetch Pet Care provides professional pet sitting and dog walking services. It’s the perfect home-based franchise system for those who love animals. You may need to hire and work with a team. But the company provides a communication platform to easily work with clients and employees from home. The franchise claims it is completely turnkey. So you can get your new home-based business opportunity up and running quickly. The fee for the franchises is $59,500, and initial costs range from $68,000 to $76,000.

5. Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions provides disinfecting and indoor air quality solutions for homeowners. Services include mold remediation, disinfection, odor removal, and allergen control. This is a growing industry with an eco-friendly component that appeals to today’s homeowners. The franchise company provides field support, business coaching, and lead generation assistance

Franchisees usually hire two to three employees to provide services. But you can manage the business side from home. The franchise fee for these franchises ranges from $5,000 to $30,000. The initial franchise investment is $51,900 to $149,500.

6. ACASA Senior Care

ACASA Senior Care provides in-home care for seniors. This is a growing field with plenty of room for schedule flexibility. If you’re looking for franchises you can run from home that still give you the opportunity to help others face to face, this may be the perfect industry.

ACASA is a family-owned brand that provides training and support. The focus is on hiring quality caregivers so you can focus on running your in-home care business from home. The franchising fee is $39,500, and the initial investment ranges from $71,975 to $119,150.

For other options, see our list of senior care franchises.

7. Snap-on Tools

Snap-on Tools sells tools and equipment directly to the businesses that need them most. The company uses a mobile sales model. So each franchisee has a truck and a selection of inventory. Franchisees can run the administrative operations from home and manage their regular route on a schedule of their own making.

The franchise provides training, exclusive territories, and deals for veterans. The initial fee for the franchises and working capital ranges from $36,594 to $55,122, with between $172,076 to $375,503 in total expenses. Veterans can receive up to $20,000 in tool inventory incentives.

8. Kwik Dry Total Cleaning

Kwik Dry Total Cleaning offers a dealership program for those looking for business opportunities at home. The company provides carpet, upholstery, grout, dryer vent, and wood floor cleaning. So franchisees enjoy a business model with multiple revenue streams. You can work from home when not providing on-site services. And you can control your schedule to work full or part-time. Dealers pay about $30,000 in initial fees. And startup costs begin at $42,200.

9. GymGuyz

GymGuyz is a home-based franchise that offers personal fitness training. This is the perfect business franchise if you enjoy exercise and want to work one-on-one with clients. Franchisees purchase branded vans to travel to each client – a lot cheaper than having to outfit and operate a gym.

Clients sign up for recurring services. Therefore, it’s easy to build a predictable schedule and bring in predictable profits. A passion and interest in fitness are important, but you don’t need specific certifications to get started. The fee for the franchises is $35,000. Initial investment costs range from $87,000 to $140,000.

10. Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds sells and installs various window treatments to homeowners. You can run the administrative side and communicate with customers from home. Then you just travel to clients to share options and provide installation. Franchisees enjoy flexible scheduling and multiple revenue streams since you can work with both residential and commercial properties. There’s $89,950 in initial franchise fees and $124,950 in total startup costs.

11. Mosquito Squad

Mosquito Squad is a low-cost pest control business franchise. It’s a seasonal business in many markets. So it’s an ideal home-based franchise opportunity for those looking for some extra work during the warmer months. The company also has proprietary barrier treatments to provide excellent results for customers. The fee for new franchises is $35,000. Startup costs range from $63,962 to $90,022.

Alternatives: There are other franchises to consider in the pest control market. All claim to be high profit and offer a recurring revenue franchise model where a customer tends to pay for regular services. Options include Mosquito Hunters, Mosquito Joe and Mosquito Mary – among others.

12. Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor is another seasonal business opportunity for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. You can work from home when running the office side of the business. Then you need to travel to customer locations to provide services for their lawns. The business model includes lawn care, tree and shrub care for a customer’s landscaping, and pest control.

The company also gives franchisees the option to hire technicians. That frees you to focus on growing your customer base and managing your home-based franchise. The fee for new franchises is $35,000. Total upfront costs for a territory are $101,015 to $125,065.

13. Fresh Coat

Fresh Coat is a home painting franchise. It’s a home-based, low-cost business model with multiple revenue streams. The franchise provides proprietary software, marketing assistance, and industry-leading profit margins.

Offerings include interior and exterior painting, along with staining, wallpaper removal, power washing, and other painting services. Franchise owners work with homeowners, business owners, and even government agencies. The fee for new franchises is $44,900. And upfront costs range from $53,945 to $76,845.

14. Garage Experts

Garage Experts offers storage and organizational solutions that franchisees install in garages. If you’re looking for turnkey businesses to franchise that allow you to work from home most of the time, this is one to consider. You don’t need to keep any bulky inventory on hand. Franchise owners get access to proprietary software and training.

New franchises can get up and running in as little as 30 days. The initial fee for new franchises is $30,000. And startup costs range from $48,035 to $85,982.

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Best Home-Based Franchises for Moms

Moms and parents are even more likely than the general population to be interested in home-based businesses. Luckily, there are franchise opportunities that allow individuals to work almost exclusively from home, rather than traveling to clients too often. There are also some that offer more scheduling flexibility than others or that utilize skills most parents possess.

15. Digital Marketing Training Group

Digital Marketing Training Group provides business opportunities home-based entrepreneurs may appreciate. It is part of the growing field of business services and business consulting offered in the franchise community. You use the company’s leads, software, and training to build your own digital marketing business. And you can create your own schedule and work either full or part-time.

Rather than traditional franchising fees and royalties, new business owners simply pay for a business training program and ongoing support. The Signature Gold program costs $29,000. And the Platinum Elite program costs $69,000.

16. Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners offers a low-cost travel agency franchise that’s affiliated with American Express. Travel agents can run a business from almost anywhere because you work with travelers remotely — using mainly the internet, a computer and phone. So you shouldn’t need to leave your home office much.

The franchise company provides professional coaching and development, as well as lead generation assistance. The fee for new franchises is $6,995. That covers basically everything you need to get started. Other startup costs are minimal.

17. Bricks 4 Kids

Bricks 4 Kids is a perfect home-based franchise business for those who love working with kids. You use LEGO toys to help kids learn STEM concepts. You work with kids at special events, birthday parties, or after-school programs. So you don’t need a physical storefront. You will need to travel to these events. But you can control your schedule or potentially even involve the whole family. The fee for the franchises ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. And upfront costs fall between $17,625 and $75,975.

18. SiteSwan Website Builder

SiteSwan offers web design software and business support for those looking to operate home-based businesses. It’s not a traditional franchise program, since you can use your own brand and pay monthly fees instead of mostly upfront costs. But the business model provides pretty much everything you need to run your web design business. You don’t need experience to get started. But you’ll need at least $149 to get the program and training.

19. ClaimTek Systems

ClaimTek Systems provides everything you need to start your own home-based business specializing in medical billing. You work with medical and dental facilities that want to outsource their billing. So you can handle basically everything from home and enjoy a flexible schedule for your home-based franchise business. The initial fee includes basically everything you need to get started. These costs range from $21,995 to $44,995.

20. Healthier4U Vending

Healthier4U Vending is a vending machine business that provides healthy snacks, drinks, and meal options. Business owners work with the company to find ideal locations to place their machines. Then you’re responsible for managing stock and maintaining machines. This opportunity claims that with it you can “build a passive business part time or full time.”

You must visit these machines regularly but can manage the business from home. There is no traditional franchise fee. Your costs simply go toward the purchase of machines. The initial investment ranges from $18,000 to $115,000.

21. Decor & You

Decor & You is an interior design franchise that’s perfect for those looking for creative business opportunities. The company offers the business owner a dedicated tech platform, training and business support, and established vendor relationships. You may need to meet with clients periodically, but you can do the bulk of the work at home. Fees for new franchises start at $14,575. And start up costs range from $34,900 to $123,600.

22. American Business Systems

American Business Systems provides a comprehensive business package for those who want to start home-based franchises in medical billing. The company provides the tech platforms, training, and ongoing support you need to run your home-based franchise business on your own schedule. The total upfront investment is $27,990. And you don’t need any extra equipment or inventory.

23. TeamLogic IT

TeamLogic IT provides managed technology services for small and medium businesses. If you’re looking for a franchise business that serves the B2B market, this one provides plenty of opportunities for recurring profits. You can hire techs to provide the actual services to your clients, who are typically small business owners. But you do need to be available to discuss business needs and answer questions. The franchise fee is between $40,000 and $45,000. And initial costs for new franchises range from $106,375 to $146,300.

24. Pet Butler

Pet Butler provides pet waste removal and outdoor cleaning services for homes and businesses. The company provides training, marketing, and office support. If you’re looking for easy franchise opportunities that you can mainly run while the kids are in school or at daycare, this one may be the perfect franchise business for you. The franchise fee is $12,500. And upfront costs can go up to $30,000.

Best Part-Time Franchises

Many entrepreneurs who are interested in home-based franchises want flexible scheduling. Perhaps you want a franchise business you can run during your free time or while pursuing semi-retirement. The following opportunities are well suited for those that don’t want to spend the 40 to 60 hours per week some franchises take.

You can operate the following franchises by putting in 20 or 30 hours a week once you are up and running, although it may take more in the beginning. Remember, your growth will likely be faster the more time you can devote to the franchise.

25. Kona Ice

Kona Ice provides a mobile shaved ice truck. The company already has locations in 45 states. So there’s plenty of brand recognition around the country. But you can run the admin side from home and bring the truck to special events in your area. The fee for the franchises is $15,000. And the initial investment is $140,350.

26. Ecomaids

Ecomaids provides environmentally responsible cleaning services. This is a very in-demand option for today’s homeowners. The company provides training, support, and a dedicated CRM platform. You can take the exact level of clients that works with your lifestyle. The franchise fee is $35,000. And the initial investment for new franchises ranges from $125,530 to $143,815.

27. Sears Handyman Solutions

Sears Handyman Solutions offers an array of home care services, maintenance and home improvement services, including plumbing, electrical, installations, and repairs.

It’s the perfect home-based franchise for handy individuals. A big benefit is the strong brand name and access to advertising options. You can schedule job appointments based on your own availability, or hire team members to go on calls.

The franchise fee ranges from $35,000 to $70,000. Upfront costs range from $47,900 to $135,300.

28. SweepSurge

SweepSurge offers a licensing program for those who want to make money working with local businesses. Basically, you purchase the promotional systems, like those for email, text, and social media. You can then brand and market them and sell directly to customers. You can run it on your schedule and scale as much or as little as you want. You just need $149 to get started.

29. PerkUp

PerkUp is a digital loyalty and customer engagement solution. As a reseller, you build a base of business clients and bring in recurring fees each month. The company provides everything you need to get started and you don’t need any experience. There’s not a traditional franchise fee or royalty fees, but you’ll need at least $149 to get started.

30. Social Owl

Social Owl offers a turnkey social media marketing opportunity. It’s a reseller program. You provide a suite of options for your business clients. It’s perfect for those who love social media and want to build a predictable base of clients. You’ll need $149 for the first month. But there’s no traditional franchise fee.

How Do You Choose a Home-Based Franchise?

When deciding on the best home-based franchise, consider if a franchise is right for you. Make sure to understand the pros and cons of franchising. Also consider the track record of the franchisor and the level of franchisee satisfaction.

Beyond that, consider the following franchise factors uniquely affecting those who work at home or part-time:

  • Territories – Some franchisees have to operate within specific territories. This is especially true for service businesses like lawn care. You may not be able to easily relocate to another state or outside that territory.
  • Schedule Flexibility – Some home-based franchises can be run on your own schedule. For example, if you work mainly online, you can do much of your work after-hours or on weekends if necessary. However, meeting with clients will require some work during normal business hours.
  • Recurring Revenues – Look for franchise models with recurring revenue streams, such as customers who pay each month for a service. This will maximize income. As a part-time person or working from home you are going to have limited time and money, so you want to maximize your ROI.
  • Travel – A home-based franchise business may require the franchisee to travel to perform work at client homes or other locations. This may be challenging for those with children or other obligations.
  • Staffing – Staff is required to effectively run some franchise businesses (example: restaurants). If you will need staff, running a business from home may make training and management a bit more challenging. Think about daily coaching, meetings or giving performance reviews to a worker. You could hire an on-site management team to run things day to day, but it will involve added expense.
  • Equipment, Vehicles and Supplies – Some franchises, such as carpet cleaning franchises, require franchisees to purchase equipment, supplies and trucks to transport everything. Some communities may have restrictions that prevent you from storing these items in your neighborhood or driveway, requiring off-site storage. To the extent you do store them at your home, consider the extra insurance required.
  • Headquarters – For many businesses, having office space in impressive real estate may be irrelevant because customers never visit the company location. But what if they do? A house may not be what they expect.
  • Growth – Finally, consider the growth potential. If you think you may want to scale up your franchise business, at some point you may simply outgrow your home.

Bottom Line

One of the obvious advantages of a home-based franchise is low investment and cost and so you might be interested in this list of Franchises under $10,000. Also, consider 25 Most Profitable Franchises as it covers franchises with high revenues compared with cost.

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Real Connections SoFla, From an Events Company to Online Community

Real Connections SoFla, From an Events Company to Online Community

The pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for companies to facilitate in-person events. That has been especially relevant for companies that want to build community — like Real Connections SoFla.

The company previously focused on in-person wellness events. But it has since found a way to provide community value online. Read all about the business in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers events and an online community for healthy living.

Founder Jess Pfeffer told Small Business Trends, “We are a holistic talent agency and holistic online community. Our mission is to spread health and wellness tips, tools and techniques to help you live your best life.”

Business Niche

Providing authentic experiences.

Pfeffer says, “Each teacher is passionate about their topic, education, and desire to serve the community.”

How the Business Got Started

As an events business.

Pfeffer elaborates, “Last year I launched this business as an in person event based community. With a background in events, education, and networking I wanted to elevate all of the holistic practitioners in my life that are talented and passionate but don’t always love the backend business aspects.”

Biggest Win

Pivoting to an online business model.

Pfeffer explains, “Due to COVID we are on pause of in person events. At first I wasn’t sure it would work. But seeing how many people are working from home, at home with their kids, this is a great opportunity for the community to still feel connected.”

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Biggest Risk

Changing the business model.

Though it ended up working out, it could have been a disaster.

Pfeffer adds, “We could have lost interest from our community. The end result would have made this business unviable.”

Lesson Learned

Grow from each experience.

Pfeffer says, “I wouldn’t change a thing. Each step has made me grow not just professionally but personally. I have stepped out of my comfort zone. And working on my own learning and growing from it all.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Growing the audience.

Pfeffer explains, “I would use it to offer these classes to a population that can’t afford the membership. I would use that resource to get more marketing to a wider audience. And I would pay each teacher a lot more money for their time.”

* * * * *

Image: Real Connections SoFla, Jess Pfeffer

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How to Choose a WordPress Host for Your Business Site (INFOGRAPHIC)

How to Choose a WordPress Host for Your Business Site (INFOGRAPHIC)

You want a business website, but do you know how to choose a WordPress host? The right web hosting company will dictate the performance of your site and in turn the success of your business.

A new infographic from wpbiginner rightfully says, “Making your website better is more important than ever.” This as the number of people working and shopping online continues to increase because of the pandemic.

How to Pick the Right WordPress Host

Titled “How to Pick the Best WordPress Host,” the infographic reveals some particularly important points to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting company.

Before You Start

Before you start looking for a company wpbeginner recommends for you to:

  • Decide what type of hosting you will need
  • List the features you will need
  • Compare the price and features of the providers
  • Use free trial periods

Types of Hosting

Depending on what type of website you want to run, the hosting company will offer different storage, server speed, reliability, control, and technical knowledge requirement. They are Shared Hosting; Virtual private server (VPS); Dedicated server; Cloud; Managed WordPress Hosting.

When it comes to what to look for in a WordPress host provider, wpbeginner says you should look for pre-installed WordPress and automatic updates with nightly backups. Additionally, look for 24/7 security tech, and expert support as part of the service they offer. Finally, do not forget to check if the web servers are built specifically for hosting WordPress websites.

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The Need for Speed

Google’s very own best practices dictate your website should load in three seconds or less. If it takes longer, it is a demerit towards how Google ranks your site. Additionally, a faster website gives your users a better experience and improves search rankings. Otherwise, you will start losing visitors to your site. A 9-second lag in page load time will increase the mobile bounce rate by 123%.

To optimize the speed of your site check for bad plugins, WordPress configuration, external scripts, web hosting and page size. Once you have this in place, test the speed of your site with readily available tools on a regular basis.

To find out more on how to choose a WordPress hosting service take a look at the infographic below.

Image: wpbeginner.com

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Boeing 787-9 ChazBlue

Hey guys here with a Boeing 787-9 ChazBlue I made which took a VERY long time to make considering the size of thing….

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Legitimate Online Businesses That Want Nigerians

Legitimate Online Businesses That Want Nigerians

In the face of Nigerians being infamous for the their online fraudulent abilities, there are still a number of online businesses Nigerians can engage in an earn legitimate money.

Top 10 Nigeria analyzes the effect of scammers like Hushpuppi, Mompha, Invictus Obi on the rest of the remote online professionals resident in Nigeria and businesses they can still do online and earn dollars.
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1. Creating a YouTube channel WITHOUT an existing Gmail Account: https://youtu.be/UVxH39pnxRU
2. YouTube Algorithm and the info on your Upload form:


BUSINESS: Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses You Must Start in 2020: https://youtu.be/0lmlfixucUY
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TRAVEL: Obudu Cattle Ranch: The Cable Car Ride: https://youtu.be/lNE96cd6Wyw
ENTERTAINMENT: 8 Reasons Why Men Can’t Pee Into The Toilet Bowl: https://youtu.be/YBGghpFCXLM
INSPIRATIONAL: 6 Lessons to Learn From How YouTube Started: https://youtu.be/bl1JqCUFG5c

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Cara Menggunakan Notify
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Notify Pro


Scarlett's Story – Royal Flying Doctor Service

Stories like Scarlett’s is why Cheap as Chips is proud to support the Royal Flying Doctor Service through our Community Partnership. Head in store today to show your support. Donate in the tins provided or purchase selected products where part-proceeds are donated to the RFDS. Help keep your Flying Doctor flying!


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