Salesforce Care Grants for Small Businesses to Restore Small Businesses

Salesforce Care Grants for Small Businesses to Restore Small Businesses

The $ 2 trillion stimulus package approved by Congress is on the way, but in the meantime, small businesses are struggling. This has prompted some companies to offer grants to help them cope with COVID-19 . Salesforce is one of these companies. <! – ->

The announcement of the Salesforce Care Small Business Grants initiative offers $ 10,000 to help businesses stay alive. Infusion of capital will help companies meet their inventory and salary requirements. In addition to capital, Salesforce provides some of its solutions along with a variety of resources for free.

Salesforce Care Grants for Small Businesses

The Salesforce grant totaled $ 5 million. The funds will be available to US companies from mid-April. The company says it will provide information for international small business support at a later date.

<! – -> Here you can register to be notified for the grant .

However, the grant is only part of the support that Salesforce offers small businesses. A virtual toolbox with free resources, solutions and tips will help business owners long after the grant.

The virtual toolbox

The first small business tool is Salesforce Essentials, which will be free for 90 days.

Salesforce Essentials helps you keep track of your customers by providing a 24/7 help center. Even if business is slow in this difficult time, you can keep in touch with your customers and keep them up to date.

Regardless of whether you're open, closed, or offering a new service, Essentials lets you tell your old and new customers what you're up to. <! – ->

Another tool that Salesforce provides for 90 days free of charge is Tableau, but only for organizations with 20 or fewer employees.

Tableau converts your company's data into actionable insights. Tableau can access your mobile, Google Analytics, social, sales, CRM, and other relevant data to provide a 360-degree view of your customers, prospects, and your industry segment.

The workshops

<! – -> You can sign up for a free virtual workshop and use the Salesforce knowledge base. Start with practical workshops for essentials. You can learn with live workshops or at your own pace with Salesforce's video library.

The videos cover sales, service, insights, sending bulk emails, and more. The aim is to give users a working understanding of essentials in order to be able to use all the functions contained therein. This includes interviewing experts so that you can learn best practices for small business use cases during the pandemic and in the future.

The resources

Additional Resources from Salesforce include tools and strategies for running your small business. You can access content, from finding customers with small business marketing to tips on how to stay positive and productive at work from home.

In addition to information about COVID-19 related resources, Salesforce also includes tax, customer experience, business plan creation, unemployment, startup costs, and more.

Regardless of whether you apply for the grant or not, use the resources that Salesforce makes available to small businesses.


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Small Business Experts Provide Advice on Navigating COVID-19

Small Business Experts Provide Advice on Navigating COVID-19

 survive and prosper growth peaks "ezimgfmt =" rs rscb6 src ng ngcb6 srcset "data-ezsrc =" - growth-Summit.png "data-ez /> <! - <span id= ->

The coronavirus pandemic has put an end to physical conferences and events. But entrepreneurs do what they do, they have found a workaround, and virtual conferences are being held around the world.

Survive and Thrive Summit 2020 on April 23 from 4 p.m. (EST) is an example. Hosted by entrepreneur and author Ramon Ray, the event brings together leading brands, experts, and entrepreneurs to address the challenges of the corona virus.

<! – -> Dell, AT&T, Salesforce, FreshBooks, Yelp and SCORE, as well as experts in their field, will take part in the multi-hour online conference. This includes our own Anita Campbell, the CEO and founder of Small Business Trends, together with:

  • Chris Costello, AT & T
  • Barry Moltz, author and speaker
  • Ivana Taylor, DIY marketer
  • Meredith Schmidt, Salesforce
  • Jennifer Maher, CEO of 1776
  • Brandon Andrews, founder of Gauge
  • Karen Kerrigan, Small Business Entrepreneurship Council
  • Bridget Weston, SCORE
  • Mike McDerment, Freshbooks
  • Emily Washcovick, Yelp
  • John Lawson, ColderIce

The aim of this conference is to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs with curated practical tips and insights for now and the future.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or freelancer, register for free and you may even win a Dell XPS computer.

Click the red button and register. Don't forget to check out the rest of the online conferences, webinars and other virtual events on the list.

Register now <! – ->

Navy Exchange Service Command Hosts virtual concert series “We Stand Together”

Wi  Navy Exchange Service Command Hosts Virtual "We Stand Together" series "ezimgfmt =" rs rscb6 src ng ngcb6 "data-ezsrc =" event /11602.jpg"/>[19459018femalevirtualEventisdasnownomethatisnavedtheNavyExchangeServiceCommand(NEXCOM)incollaborationwithNavyEntertainmentvonMoraleWelfareandRecreation(MWR)alsostartedinvirtualonemonth19459090[concertseries] [19457005] 29028454527909]]]

<p> This is a response to the COVID 19 crisis and the broad impact it is having. The concert started on April 1, the 74th anniversary of the NEXCOM command. </p>
<p> <! – <span id= -> Artists, chefs and entertainers such as Thompson Square, Lovelytheband, Jason Charles Miller, Dylan LeBlanc, Robert Irvine, the Harlem Globetrotters and Jared Ashley, a veteran of the Navy and country musicians, participated .

The concerts are broadcast live every day at 7 p.m. EST on the NEX Facebook page and NEX Instagram account.

For more Navy Exchange Service Command messages, visit .

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Don't forget to donate electronically to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) while you watch the concert.

OnCrawl webinar series

From April 16 to May 14, OnCrawl will present a series of 10 webinars on the future of search engine optimization.

The so-called SEObservatory will bring SEO specialists together to discuss the latest innovations, the latest practices and the experiences of SEO experts in this field.

Here you can register .

Read the rest of our calendar of upcoming events for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Some events may change due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Special events, competitions and awards

Navy Exchange Service Command Hosts Virtual Series “We Stand Together”
April 30, 2020, Online

In April, the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), in partnership with Navy Entertainment for Morality, Welfare and Recreation (MWR), hosts a virtual one-month concert series in response to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.


Other events

Other competitions

This weekly listing of events, competitions, and awards for small businesses is provided by Small Business Trends as a charitable service.

You can view a full list of events, competition and price lists, or publish your own events by visiting the Small Business Events Calendar .

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(Zero Investment) clothing business ideas | Kapdo Ka Business Kaise Kare |

(Zero Investment) clothing business ideas | Kapdo Ka Business Kaise Kare |

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how to start clothing business with no money
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10 tips for changing business strategies in times of crisis

10 tips for changing business strategies in times of crisis

At the moment, pretty much everything in the business world is upside down. Therefore, entrepreneurs may need to adjust their strategies to compensate for this. Working through the difficult times to keep your business alive may help small business online community members. Read these tips for adjusting your business strategy in times of crisis. <! – ->

Use tactics to market and thrive despite troubled times

Marketing a small business during a crisis can be difficult. Therefore, you may need to change the tactics that you normally use. In this Bright Local post, Casey Meraz examines some of the best options that can be used specifically for difficult situations.

Do Your Email Marketing Right

In particular, your email marketing strategy may need to be changed during this time. In this article by the Content Marketing Institute, Jodi Harris gives examples of brands that do it right so you can learn from their strategies.

Create your email list

<! – -> Regardless of the circumstances, building a solid email list is always a good strategy for small businesses. However, the tactic you use to get there can change over time. If you want to develop an effective strategy in 2020, try the ideas in this GetResponse article by Irek Klimczak.

Learn how to thrive as a founder

Running a company during a pandemic poses many challenges. But it also offers many opportunities to learn important lessons. In this Small Biz Daily Post, Anjan Pathak offers some important lessons that founders can learn from this situation.

Navigate through your new normal

Addressing the business challenges associated with a pandemic is one thing; The personal side has completely different considerations. In this post on the Strella Social Media Blog, Rachel Strella discusses some of the challenges and thoughts that have arisen and how she navigates during this “new normal”. Members of the BizSugar community commented here .

Stay up to date on new opportunities

Funding and assistance are available for small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is up to you to research the options and apply for the right ones for you. This acuity post by Matthew May contains tons of information about these opportunities.

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Drive business goals with SEO and PPC

SEO and PPC describe two separate marketing strategies. However, you can complement each other if you use both. Here is a guide on how to best use these strategies to achieve your business goals from Ronald Dod of Search Engine Land. <! – ->

Try unconventional social channels for B2B marketing

Social media can be useful for both B2B and B2C companies. However, if you are only marketing to other companies, you may need to change the platforms you use rather than relying on the most popular consumer-oriented platforms. This TopRank marketing post by Joshua Nit contains some channels that can be particularly useful for B2B companies.

Rethink your remote team communication strategy

There are currently so many small businesses working with remote teams that daily communication has changed dramatically. If you're still trying to use the same strategies, it may be time to rethink. Learn more in this Biz Epic post by Ivan Widjaya.

Learn leadership lessons from penguins

<! – -> Sometimes business hours are offered in unexpected packages. For example, the way penguins show leadership could be valuable for entrepreneurs who need to lead teams. Read some important lessons in this post by David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy. Then go to after BizSugar to see what community members say.

If you'd like to suggest that your favorite small business content be considered for an upcoming community roundup, send your news tips to:


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फ्री में करके लाखो कमाओ | Start Online Business 2020 | E commerce Business Idea

फ्री में करके लाखो कमाओ | Start Online Business 2020 | E commerce Business Idea

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Empathy for customers now leads to loyalty in the post-corona economy

Empathy for customers now leads to loyalty in the post-corona economy

In response to the ongoing crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic many small and medium-sized technology providers rely on expanding their business in good times and providing additional support in the possibly hardest time ever. One of these providers is Adobe, who recently announced a number of initiatives to help SMEs that include free use of some of their platforms for three months and free digital training. <! – ->

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to have a live LinkedIn conversation with Gary Specter, Vice President Global Commercial Business at Adobe, to learn more about the program and to hear his thoughts on how SMEs are better off what can position will likely be a completely different business environment and set of customer expectations once the country reopens for business.

Below you will find an edited transcript from our conversation. To hear the full interview, watch the video or click on the embedded SoundCloud player below.

<! – -> Gary Specter: I would really divide the types of customers and prospects we talk to on the trade side into three different ways. The first is that we see companies whose business models are based solely on personal sales or personal customer transactions. And of course the reaction they have is how I move to a digital strategy sooner or later, right? And then you have another subset that was pretty well established. You had a good digital strategy and you want to speed up that strategy and think about ways to expand it. And then, in my opinion, you really had a third guy with capital and existing websites and aggressively expanding your digital marketing and advertising, and now you want to speed it up. And we see that in all three areas.

What I find interesting is that these companies think about it in two different ways: What do I do now? How do I get through the current situation? And I think it's a bit difficult because we don't know how long it will take. And I think that varies from region to region. But I think a lot of them are starting to say, what should I do afterwards? Because I'm pretty sure the business isn't going back to December and January. I think the pandemic here will leave its mark and change the way SMEs interact with their customers. It will change the way you think about your path to the market. And it will change the way they invest. Most of the companies we speak to don't just think in the short term. What am I doing? But what do I do in the long run when I'm done with it to bring my earnings back to where they were and to know that the business model will change?

Small Business Trends: One of the things that I've noticed as a consumer and that do things like contactless delivery or service. Even shop online. A lot of people could have done online shopping before this happened, but you just didn't because many people thought, why should I shop online? I could go to the store. I don't have to do that online. But then you have a situation like the one we're in right now, in which many cases where you can't get to the store don't want to come out. You don't even feel safe. And so you start shopping for groceries online.

See, once we got over the pandemic, maybe some people said I never thought about it, but now that they had to do it during the pandemic once the pandemic is over the saying & # 39; hey , this online shopping is not bad. Maybe I'll stick with it.

Gary Specter: Yes, I don't know exactly what I would call it, but I think it's consumer trust. People are going to do things online now because they previously had no confidence or interest in doing so. There was always that, well, will it work? And grocery shopping is a prime example. My wife shops online at a grocery store and online at a farm wherever she goes, and the farm says what she has available every night. She can place an order and either have it delivered or pick it up. You give her a place, a time. You say, be here between seven and eight, write this number and we will bring your order to your car. Or she can just have it delivered. And that's just an example. I see there are sports companies that are changing the way people think about buying sporting goods. <! – ->

I mean it goes from education to healthcare to hard goods and services. I think there will be this level of comfort with which I can do these things online. I don't have to go to a physical store. And I think that will leave its mark. And I think if I were an SME today I would rethink my digital strategy, not just on the retail side. But how can I provide information or markets to certain segments that I know have changed their behavior now? And I think most people would say my parents have a hard time shopping online, for example.

You just didn't grow up on the Internet. And both my mother and father have now received training in a digital world. And I think they have realized that this actually makes their world easier. They are a little older and it is not so easy for my mother to get in the car and go to the grocery store. And I think she's discovered that she doesn't have to. I think you need to adapt to the demographics of people who have previously used technology or digital footprints and realize that this will change. And I think change is permanent. Maybe not completely, but it certainly changes the curve.

<! – -> Small Business Trends: In my opinion, business in general has to change and take permanently into account the things that are going on and how they fit your business model to get the most out of these changes. But what is Adobe doing in the meantime to help your SME customers get to the other side in the middle of the crisis?

Gary Specter: So we moved within the first week and a half, two weeks after the closure actually started, which I thought was pretty quick. From a licensing perspective, we did two things. We released two programs for both Magento and Marketo, in which we allowed people to buy Magento Cloud or Marketo. And we made the first three months of the license available free of charge. We have also created starter packages for Marketo and Magento, with which we can set up a website in 14 days. Was a very low entry price. And then a starter package on the Marketo side. In addition, we have enabled people to complete free training for Magento and Marketo. So you can not only access the software, but also set up a website. Or get set up immediately on the Marketo page and start automating your marketing.

However, we did offer free online training to help people ensure that they get their resources. learn how to use and use the technology. So those were some of the things we did straight away. I think there are things that I am already thinking about for the next step. This also depends on how long it takes. I want my SME, our partners, our customers and our potential customers to know that we are working with them. And I think SMEs are probably particularly badly affected by this virus just because they're smaller.

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So we have to be very, very creative in order to achieve positive results for our customers. And one of the things I love about Adobe is the creativity that has enabled us to continue thinking about how we can help these people. But that's where we started, and I'm sure we won't end here. I think as this thing evolves in different regions, we will explore different ways to help our SME customers and partners and prospects in different ways.

Small Business Trends: In your opinion, what are some of the most important things that SMEs should learn? Are you learning in this particular time frame that will help you once we are able to overcome the current crisis and work again as usual? Well, business maybe like new.

Gary Specter: Right. I'll give the obvious first, which is obvious that we're in unknown territory. I can't imagine any … Well, definitely not in my life I've ever seen anything like it. And I think that the biggest or the most important thing is the obvious. I think everyone in the world is very concerned and insecure right now. And I think having empathy and understanding what people are going through is really important. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes, what I try to do with our buyers. I would ask SMEs to put themselves in the position of the people they want to serve. And with a little empathy understand what they're going through, and then try to figure out how you can help them as they go through it.

I think of course everyone has to take a look at how they operationalize and how they address their target group. How to reward loyal customers. And really how you act in this new reality. And what makes it more unique to me than anything else is that it will evolve. I mean, maybe it'll end in two weeks and we'll smooth the curve and everyone will go back to work in June and July. And when that happens, and that's my hope, and I'm sure everyone else is hoping, the way we work will still change. We will never operate as we did in January or December last year. So these are really the things that I would work on. I think that continues to build trust, provide accurate information and be transparent about what you as a company are trying to do and how you can best help your customers.


And again, I think I'm open and honest about the services, the products you want to deliver, and how you will go about setting the right expectations for the future. If I were an SMB retailer, I would focus on usability and design. Prioritize overall site performance on mobile devices. I know that a lot of the shopping I do now is mobile. Web experiences that ensure the basics of surfing and shopping. Concentrate on your data and your basics because you point out something that is incredibly important. 30% of these people have never shopped online.

And it is interesting that I saw a report on the types of products that, like health and fitness equipment, have increased 300% online. The bread makers are up 300%, right? Things that people hadn't bought online before are moving there. As for the last part of it, I would certainly optimize my online pickup in the store now. Again, to your point in what we've said a couple of times here, if we emerge from it, I think behavior will change. And the expectation of how powerful trading is in a digital format.

The potential is unlimited. So I would focus on these things. Ease of use, data and basics, as well as ensuring that you are able to act in a way that people would expect, including buying online, shop pickup, buying online, shipping to shop, all of these things .

Small Business Trends: It seemed as if there was a convergence of B2B and B2C before this pandemic. Do you see an acceleration of this convergence?

Gary Specter: I do. I think companies will change their behavior in particular, and I don't want to say that the changes in SMEs will differ from those in companies. I think this is the best way to say this. And I think expectations will be different. And in the B2B world, people will now realize that you can do B2B business online. And maybe I don't have to meet personally as often with the companies that I want to do business with as a B2B company. I think here is an opportunity to speed up these features and take advantage of this situation, if you like, to be better prepared for the future and future-proof of how you run your business. Who says this won't happen again in a year and a half or two? And if you've already moved into a digital world and developed a great digital strategy and created the opportunity to run your business digitally, you're probably in a safer and better place.

Small Business Trends: I agree with all of this. And I also think that maybe there is time for people to think about changing their business model from transaction-oriented to actually completely relationship-oriented. Since many companies were before all of this, it seemed to me that I was really focusing on the transaction. We all have to make money, totally understand that. But in times like these, where your transaction, rather than your relationship, is focused, there is no reason for a customer to do business with you if they just feel like you were looking at them when you were just a wallet . Unlike real people with real problems and the need for a partner, not just someone who wants me to swipe my credit card at the end of the day.

Gary Specter: Yes, sure. And it goes back to what I said before: I think empathy and loyalty, right? I mentioned, I said loyalty, I think it will be much more important. And I really think it is. I mean, people remember who could help me when I needed the help, right? The grocery stores where I could buy most of the groceries I wanted. I won't forget her tomorrow. I should say my wife will, she may continue to take care of her when this is suddenly over, unlike the one that is just down the street and could not help us. So I think loyalty and empathy are incredibly important right now. And these are some of the things I would think about to keep my customer base. Because it's your customer base that gets you through this problem. It is not your net new customers that will get you there.

This is part of the individual interview series with thought leaders. The transcript was edited for publication. If it is an audio or video interview, click on the embedded player above or subscribe via iTunes or via Stitcher .

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Start Online Business | Group Work on Website and Earn Money online 2018 in Bangla

Start Online Business | Group Work on Website and Earn Money online 2018 in Bangla

Hello friends,Today i’m explain how to work on website to group posting or artical on website,its very simple to make a small business on online with blogger wordpress event website,news website etc.Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money AND Easy-to-Start Online Business Ideas of start online business from home and free.
in this ideas just for example news website you use this idea any other website, you join many member and meet or collab and say its our business when we are income some money then we are shearing or its very trusted work!

i hope like this videos ideas! if you comment any question related this video!

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In the News: Resources for Small Businesses in Difficult Times

In the News: Resources for Small Businesses in Difficult Times

The news from COVID-19 is extensive, but the impact on unemployment has been unprecedented in recent history. <! – ->

It's even more depressing for small businesses, so finding the right resources is critical. This week's summary looks at the different challenges small businesses face from the pandemic and other issues.

When it comes to resources, there are many public and private organizations that offer help to small businesses. And the appropriately titled title, "COVID-19 Small Business Owners May Not Know They Need It," gives you information about everyone, from the United States Chamber of Commerce to the Department of Labor, CDC, IRS, Mayo Clinic, and others.

<! – -> And if you are one of the tens of millions of Americans who work from home, you should protect yourself from zoom bombs. Uninvited guests in meetings and face-to-face conversations commit really ugly behavior in a difficult time. This article shows you how you and your guests can be protected in your video chat.

Take a look at the rest of this week's summary to learn more about the pandemic and everything to do with small businesses.


How high-tech marketplaces provide aid money faster and easier . It's no secret that times are difficult for small businesses. Revenue swooped, if not flat. Unemployment has skyrocketed as restaurants, salons, gyms and other companies have had to close their doors. And perhaps most worrying is the uncertainty of when it will end. The good news, however, is that help and relief are on the way.

Small Business News

COVID-19-Info Small business owners may not know they need them . As a small business owner, you are likely to be affected by the corona virus impact on your business and economy at the same time, and are already planning your recovery plan. Here you will find more than 25 resources to keep you up to date and get sound advice to keep your business running. Aid from the Government of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Etsy connects manufacturers with suppliers of face masks . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend wearing fabric face coverings in public places where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. As a result, the Etsy marketplace announced a concerted effort to get vendors into the fast lane to meet the demand for non-medical fabric face masks. <! – ->

Tax compliance costs are generally higher for small businesses . Small businesses pay higher regulatory and compliance costs than their larger counterparts. How much more do they pay? Regarding taxes, a new SCORE infographic states that compliance costs are 67% higher for small businesses than for large businesses.

Technology Trends

How to protect your online meetings from zoom bombing . The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently sent a video conferencing (VTC) hijacking warning, also known as zoom bombing. The FBI said it received reports of conferences that were disrupted by language threats, pornography, and / or hate speech.

<! – -> OneDine makes a free offer to keep restaurants going . The effects of the corona virus on the hospitality industry were devastating. This has mobilized individuals and businesses in and outside the industry to develop innovative solutions to keep restaurants running. And innovation is what OneDine did with its platform. OneDine will enable restaurants to convert their parking spaces into a contactless ordering, paying and pickup location.

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The History of Backup and Computer Storage . Saving just 3.75 megabytes, yes megabytes, required a hard drive that weighed over a ton and was 16 feet tall. Today you can hold terabytes of data in your hand, making them extremely vulnerable to theft or loss.


OK Boomer: Survey shows that 39% plan to leave their jobs soon . More than a third or 39% of baby boomers say they plan to quit their job within the next six months. The number is exactly a third or 33% for millennials. The data comes from the Olivet 2020 employee survey, which examined how these two groups of people feel about each other. And of course this is partly explained by the catchphrase “OK Boomer.


5 great examples of video recruitment to attract top employees . Do you miss one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract top employees? Employers use video recruiting to attract top candidates. Video Recruiting presents your company and its open position or positions in a friendlier, more informative and appealing way than any verbose advertisement. If you think creating a video is too expensive, think again.


Employee retention strategies that work for small businesses . Regardless of whether you are the boss of one or more employees, every employee is important for your small business. Would you prefer to work on binding or retraining? According to statistics, more than 3 million people quit their jobs every month, a third of whom quit in the first month of employment.

Marketing Tips

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10 tips to avoid missteps by small businesses or to restore them . Mistakes are a natural part of running a small business. However, if you can avoid the obvious missteps, your company should be better positioned to weather tough times that are inevitable. Read tips from members of the small business online community below to avoid or manage some common business mistakes.


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6 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Data Controlled

6 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Data Controlled

If you don't consider yourself a "number" person, the word "data" can be intimidating. But if your decision-making process is not based on numbers, make them on something much more dangerous: assumptions. <! – ->

Unfortunately, most companies make assumptions. According to a survey by the Social Listening Tool Mention, less than 15% of companies have a data-driven culture. Only 17% of respondents said they had a high level of data literacy, which means that they feel comfortable reading, creating, and communicating data as information.

Supporting data-driven decisions

The good news? These gaps give you the opportunity to improve by integrating data into more of your company's business operations. To start supporting data-driven decisions:

1. Inventory the types of data you collect

<! – -> Daily activities and interactions with customers generate a lot of data. If you don't know what is already available, you cannot use it.

Some sources are obvious: If your business uses a square POS system, collect names, types of credit cards, when to buy, and more. Other data sources are less obvious: when you run Facebook ads, you can look deeper than conversion rates. Who clicks on the ads from where and on which devices?

A quick look at the Square record may show that the majority of your customers are repeat customers. This could inspire you to start a loyalty program to reward your regulars. With Facebook data, some type of post can go up, causing you to run some ads with the same type of post.

This only scratches the surface of the data you are probably already collecting. Think about the options if you intentionally collect other data.

2. Stay focused

When you consider the amount of data you already collect, you can easily get distracted by all the available metrics. Consider your business goals and then figure out which numbers you really need to monitor. <! – ->

Suppose you run a café. Although the cost of ingredients is important, they are not relevant to the question of whether you should open a transit location. How much time do your team members spend on average operating a customer at the window compared to the counter? Which service channel has a higher average order amount?

Once you have a goal in mind and gather data, the next step is simple: take the time to review it.

3. Locking period for review

<! – -> Without verification and analysis, data are only numbers that do not lead to changes. ETL – short for "extract, transform, load" allows you to insert these numbers into a program that shows a story.

Take time to review your schedule once a week to review the latest changes to the metrics you monitor.

Different data sets require different analysis and visualization tools. A word cloud can be used to check trends in customer comments on your website. A regression analysis is more useful when trying to find a correlation between two numeric variables.

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4. Look at the big picture

Analyzes can be carried out on several levels. Reviewing results from multiple records is important if you want to see the big picture.

Suppose you want to know which types of customers are the most profitable. You can't just think about which ones will pay you the most money. How much do these customer types cost for service? What is your average lifetime value?

Answering your core question requires multivariate analysis which can be difficult. What is particularly important when analyzing is which variables depend on others: in the previous example, does the value of customer life correlate negatively with the expenditure per session? If in doubt, ask for help.

5. Give the keys to your team

Once you've collected and analyzed data, there's no reason to keep it off your team. As much as you want, you just can't make every decision for your business.

Invest in training. Your employees need to know how to access your database, interpret the data, and generate reports.

Also think about communication. Create a common set of terms. Make everyone up to date on why you are giving data analysis a new focus.

Finally, prioritize collaboration. Encourage team members to alert you to unexpected results. Reward them for drawing attention to data-inspired ideas like a new product or an undeveloped target market.

6. Request data for decisions

The biggest challenge to becoming data-driven is cultural: when you have to answer a business question, everyone has to access the data and make data-driven decisions.

Data obsession is a secret to Amazon's success. The e-commerce giant monitors 500 KPIs so that they always have the information they need to make a decision. Many of Amazon's initiatives begin to identify trends between them, such as the correlation between slower page load times and reduced visitor activity.

Develop a plan for how exactly you retrieve the data. Set parameters for the amount of data required and the period in which samples are to be taken. For example, if you are a restaurant looking to simplify its menu, you cannot assume that what is ordered for dinner on Thursday is representative of the entire week.

It is difficult to become a data-driven company. But ask leaders in larger organizations and they'll tell you: It's much easier when you're small than when you've scaled up.


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Online Business Ideas | ঘরে বসে যে কাজ গুলি করতে পারেন

Online Business Ideas | ঘরে বসে যে কাজ গুলি করতে পারেন

New Online Business Ideas for Bangladesh and Indian people. If you are a jobless person, then you can start a business. বসে না থেকে, ঘরে বসে এই কাজ গুলি করতে পারেন – We’ve given total 10 business ideas for people.

There are a lot of businesses in this world, but you’ve not started any business. Don’t think more and more. Start your business right now.

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This is an article for those people, who want to start a new business. For those people, we’ve made this video. ( বিজনেস আইডিয়া ) – Made by the Positive Thinking [Bangla] Team. We are happy to help you. We publish this kind of real-life solutions in the Bengali language every day. For getting updates, you may subscribe to our channel. All the videos are life changing video – solution of simple life problems.

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